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October 31, 1999:  "A Mistake"

sound clip (RA) 

A tad late but worth the wait!  Fiona's official site finally put up a sound clip and the lyrics to a new song, "A Mistake."

Be sure to tune in WEDNESDAY @ 11:00 PM EST (other areas be sure to check your local listings as they vary) to MTV!  Don't miss it!


October 30, 1999:   MTV Live Taping

Wow!  That's the first thing that comes to mind.  Fiona was awesome!  We were so lucky to see her perform for MTV Live and it was amazing!  If you haven't heard her new album  When The Pawn . . ., you'll get a chance to hear 8 of the 10 songs this Wednesday on MTV.  We have to give a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Fiona for making all of this possible for us!  

MTV packed the midtown Sony Studio with a few hundred lucky Fiona fans.  This is the same studio where Sessions at West 54th Street is taped.  Fiona had her final sound check at 6:00.  The crowd filtered in at around 7:30.  We were so excited for Fiona and she was a little nervous, due to the fact that she hasn't performed like this in awhile.  The crowd was given their final instructions, and the moment we all waited for arrived!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Miss Fiona Apple!"  The crowed roared, applauded and cheered as Fiona and her band waltzed onto the stage.  Fiona had a nervous smile on her face as she acknowledged her fans.  She was wearing her favorite pair of boots, a floor length pewter-gray skirt, a black top and a 3/4 length brown sweater/jacket.  She got right into the performance with "On the Bound."  She was absolutely wonderful! 

Not seeing her perform these songs ever before, we had goose bumps!  "On the Bound" is such a great song to start off with and she sang it with a passion only she could muster up.  The crowd took in every song and was definitely entranced with her talent and display of love for music.  We can't wait to see it again on Wednesday, please don't miss it.


 Here is the rest of the set-list:

1.On The Bound 7.Criminal
2.To Your Love 8.Fast As You Can
3.Limp 9.Get Gone
4.Sleep To Dream 10.I Know
5.The Way Things Are 11.On The Bound (redo)
6.Paper Bag 12.Fast As You Can (redo)

Since this was a taping, they had to "change reels" in the middle of the show.  During this break, Fiona talked to one of her fans in the front and they asked her what she's going to dress up as for Halloween.  She shrugged, and one of them suggested Wonder Woman, to which she replied, "I don't think I have the boobs for that."  Fiona was talking to the fans as much as possible, and she said several times that it felt weird because she hadn't performed for a long time and she had no banter for the crowd (which was excellent banter for us) and that she wasn't a comedienne.  We thought she was perfect!  The director also wanted Fiona to re-perform two songs, her entrance with "On the Bound" and "Fast As You Can."  We had no complaints.  By this time Fi had removed her sweater so she had to go find it and put it back on.  

Everything was perfect, Fiona recognized a few friendly faces in the crowd and waved at them.  People had come from all over the world including Europe and a contingency from Sony Japan. We must give kudos to the band (Keith, Matt, Joe, Lucky, and Jebin) who are incredibly talented and nice!  They're all great guys.

After the show, we went up to the area where the artists were hanging out and the Japanese visitors gave Fiona a gift of an apple that  was stenciled as a baby apple and grew with her name on it.  They also gave her the video of the exciting apple growing event.  We talked, we laughed, we cried.  All in all, it was a night we will never forget!  Oh yeah, did I mention?  We took pictures!  



October 29, 1999:  Taping of Fiona's MTV Special

Keith has posted more pictures! (more at his site) Sneak a peek of the stage where today's special performance will be. This will air next Wednesday on MTV @ 11:30 PM.  Get ready for new live Fiona!

Don't forget:  a new song and lyrics will be released @ 7:30 EST / 4:30 PST today!  (we won't update until Sat - we'll be at the performance)



October 27, 1999:   Epic Center giving away tickets,  article from Launch, and AP album review

Just a quick update on a very busy Fiona.  

In an email from her record label, Epic, they are making available some tickets to the taping for the MTV special.  If you email Epic_Records@sonymusic.com with the subject heading "MTV Fiona" and add your name, address, age and phone number, you can win tickets to see this performance this Friday in Manhattan.   If you win, we'll see you there!  Good Luck!

The special will be part of MTV's Spanking New Music Week that will feature never before seen performances by today's top artists.  Starting next week they will feature a full-hour of an artists performance starting November 1 with "Alanis Unplugged" at 11:00 pm .  On Wednesday NOVEMBER 3 also at 11:00pm, they will air an hour of Fiona Apple, performing songs from the not yet released When The Pawn... and also from Tidal.  It's all new  - so be sure to check it out!!!



Launch recently interviewed Fiona, in the article "Fiona Apple Still Battling Backlash" and she is quoted as saying: "I've also experienced a lot of fucking backlash that I don't really understand. I feel like a lot of people just didn't like me...for no real reason. Not [that] they didn't like my music. They just didn't like me and my attitude, and the attitude I was projecting was this attitude that came from somebody who doesn't know what the fuck she's doing in the public eye."  The media needs to have their ass kicked! (check the lyrics to Limp and tell us who you think Fiona is talking about)  The entire article can be found in our articles section.  We also added an album review from Alternative Press in our reviews section.


October 22, 1999:  "Paper Bag"

sound clip (RA) 

Another Friday, another song! :)  fiona-apple.com is being very giving to Fiona's fans by continuing to provide a foretaste with these sound clips and the great lyrics.  "Paper Bag" is thought to be one of the most playful songs to date that Fiona has done.  Its sing-songy jazz tunes will leave you singing for a "Paper Bag"! ;) 


October 22, 1999:   Rehearsals, rehearsals & MTV

Take a peek at Fiona and the band - Keith, Joe, Lucky, Matt, & Jebin doing rehearsals this week!  They are rehearsing for upcoming television appearances including Jay Leno (Nov 9th) and a very hush-hush NYC taping next week which MTV will air on Wednesday, NOVEMBER 3rd @ 11 PM!  This will be a one-hour special where Fiona will be performing songs both from Tidal and When the Pawn

Mark your calendars:

  •   MTV - Wed, NOV 3rd @ 11 PM 

  •   Jay Leno - Tues, NOV  9th 


  Fiona and her bandKeith Lowe, bassJoe Simon, vibes & keys
  Lucky Lockwood, guitarsMatt Chamberlain, drumsJebin Bruni, keyboards

large pics

These pictures are courtesy of Keith Lowe.

October 19, 1999:  SonicNet

A great review from SonicNet on When the Pawn.  (Click here for the entire review)

The "sophomore album offers biting, uninhibited lyrics and jazzy overtones...  The singer's search for clarity comes across in songs such as the album opener, 'On the Bound,' a creeping jazz-rock track in which the singer mourns her indecision in a sultry, blues-belting growl. 'You're all I need,' Apple sings, her voice quivering, 'and maybe some faith would do me good/ I don't know what I'm doing, don't know should I/ Change my mind, I can't decide, there's too many/ Variations to consider.'

Other guests include eels drummer Butch, who performs on 'Limp' and the chaotic, crime-jazzlike 'To Your Love.' Veteran session drummer Jim Keltner (Bob Dylan) plays drums on the downbeat ballad 'I Know.'

In addition to the frantic, drum & bass-meets-jazz of the first single, 'Fast As You Can' (RealAudio excerpt), the album also features the lush, sultry ballads 'Love Ridden' and 'The Way Things Are' and the psychedelic lounge song 'A Mistake.'

Other songs include the emotional roller-coaster ride of 'Get Gone' one of several songs to feature a Chamberlin, a presynthesizer sampler that uses audiotape to cue sounds and 'Paper Bag.' The latter, a sly, sing-songy pop tune, also features muted-brass backing reminiscent of famed composer Burt Bacharach's arrangements in the '60s with such artists as Dionne Warwick. The song has some of Apple's most playful lyrics to date."

October 15, 1999:   "Limp"

sound clip

As promised, fiona-apple.com has given Fiona fans another wonderful clip and the lyrics for "Limp" today!  Only a few more weeks until you get to hear the entire album!  Keep requesting Fiona's songs at your local radio station!

Update on the band!  




click here for larger image
Single cover art by Fiona Apple
(click on it for larger image)




October 1, 1999:   "Fast As You Can" cover art, new bio, and soon to be revamped official site!

Here's the brand new cover art and lyrics for Fiona's latest single "Fast As You Can"!  As you can see, Fiona's talents keep enthralling us because she's also created this intriguing collage cover.  The wonderful imagery is revealing and yet very open to interpretation.  Are you ready to share your thoughts?  
They're in the process of unveiling a newly revamped official site.  But as of right now, you can check a new bio with Fiona's latest thoughts on When The Pawn..., news on upcoming releases and lyrics of other songs, and a FAYC video clip at www.fiona-apple.com!  Check it out.



"Fast As You Can"

sound clip:   Real Player
                Windows Media Player

video clip:  Real Player
                Windows Media Player

video stills 

Radio Edit (3:46)
Album Version (4:38)

Fiona Apple:  Vocals, piano
Jon Brion played: All other instruments
Matt Chamberlain:  Drums, percussion

Produced by Jon Brion
Recorded & mixed by Rich Costey & J Brion
Programming: Rich Costey
Asst Engineers: Steve Mixdorf, Johh Tyree, Greg Collins, Rob Brill, Tom Banghart

 Andrew Slater Management/HK Management

*Taken from the forthcoming Clean Slate/Epic release
When The Pawn...  (69195)

You can also click here to read the entire new bio.

Finally the FAYC video premiered today on MTV's TRL!!!  It is a grrreat video worthy of all your support.

IMPORTANT:  Please REQUEST "Fast As You Can" on MTV's TRL here!  REQUEST The Box starting Monday, October 4th  @ 12:00 am, #557. Let's get this video on heavy rotation. 

October 15, 1999:  Launch.com, new review

Fiona is "Artist of the Week" at Launch.com.  You can download the full-length "Fast As You Can" and "Love Ridden" with Windows Media Player.  Not the easiest d/load: here's some of their requirements -- You must be a registered member in Launch.com, you must have the latest version of Windows Media Player (6.4), you must save the file to disk, you can only hear it while being online and at Launch.com. Okay... but it's the full-length songs and it's great to see Fiona featured as artist of the week!

Mademoiselle's (Nov) When The Pawn review in our Reviews section!

New ads for grabs at Ebay! 

New song & lyrics coming up today!


October 13, 1999:   When The Pawn album cover: 

Here's the brand new album cover for When The Pawn

Her name and full-title wide across this red-filtered smiling Fiona are hand-written by Fiona, bringing to mind the words from her new bio  "an uninhibited me, a confident me."   

When the Pawn
's soul-baring musical weave of 10 new songs, with funky hip-hop rhythms and jazz is spellbinding!  With this new music, Fiona does more than "carry on."  She's leading us into a new avenue -- more assured, artful, real, yet still so intimate. You won't be disappointed!  





October 12, 1999:  Upcoming Fiona TV 

You've been waiting to see Fiona again on TV, and dates are coming up, so jot down in your calendars!

Update 10|15|99:

  In addition to Keith, Lucky, & Matt, Fiona's  band will include Joe Simon on vibes and keys,  and Liz Phair's keyboardist Jebin Bruni also on keys!  Check out Keith Lowe's personal website, and see if you can find his cat (it looks just like ours). :)

Remember Fiona's cool band?!  We've heard from great Keith Lowe, Fiona's bassist, who will be returning to play with Fiona along with Michael (aka Lucky) Lockwood on guitars, and Matt Chamberlain for drums!  Matt, who's in high demand, at this point is only scheduled to appear in the first few radio and TV promotional appearances Fiona will be making, but Keith and most of her ol' gang will be there!  


       Coming up:

  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno: 
    Tuesday, NOVEMBER 9th

According to RockonTV, Fiona will be Leno's musical guest on, Tuesday, November 9th!  This is the date release for When The Pawn... !

  • Late Show with David Letterman & SNL:

    As we previously shared some weeks ago, Fiona is scheduled to come to NY to promote her new album and appear on both of these shows the first week in November!  The exact dates will soon be posted.  


October 8, 1999:  "Love Ridden"

sound clip

Fiona's official site debut today a clip of another new song -- "Love Ridden"!  In our advance When The Pawn... album this is listed as the 4th song -- a short 3:22 mins long, but one of the most beautiful, bittersweet songs.  Fiona's wonderful, soulful singing and piano playing brings out all the emotions connected with a changed love relationship.  With the "only kisses on the cheek from now on" we're moved into that painful understanding that things won't be the same.  This is sure to become one of your favorites, as will the whole album.  Here's our RA clip.

Don't forget, every Friday and running until the album comes out (Nov 9th), a new song clip will be released by Fiona's official site @  7:30 EST and 4:30 PST.   



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