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September  29, 1999: From Fiona's official site:

TV Video Premiere:  Fiona's new video for "Fast As You Can" will premiere on MTV's Total Request Live on Friday, OCTOBER 1st  @  3:30pm & 8:00pm!   The VH1 premiere will happen on "New Music Monday" on OCTOBER 4th  @  8:00am & 2:00pm!  The new video will also be available on The Box starting on Monday, OCTOBER 4th  @  12:00am, selection #557! Make sure you check it out!

They will have a clip on their site soon.  Of course, it's such a great video we'll show you a clip right now ;)  Go check it out and tell us what you think of  it.  Please be sure to vote for FAYC on MTV and The Box!  This video deserves to go into heavy rotation!





      check out a clip in windows media player

September  27, 1999:  The mother of all updates!   When The Pawn... track list, "Fast As You Can," stills from FAYC video!

When The Pawn...  Just to make you all drool, (from two very special people who have been so wonderful to us) we have an advance copy of the album, we're listening to it as we speak and it's f*ing amazing!  You will definitely not be disappointed!  Fiona is showcasing her incredible talent in her writing and her heart-wrenching singing.  We absolutely LOVE it!  This is the track list:


 1. On The Bound (5:21)
 2. To Your Love (3:40)
 3. Limp (3:29)
 4. Love Ridden (3:22)
 5. Paper Bag (3:39)
 6. A Mistake (4:56)
 7. Fast As You Can (4:38)
 8. The Way Things Are (4:16)
 9. Get Gone (4:07)
10. I Know  (4:55)

We're so blown away -- the feel, the sound, the transition of one song to another is so varied and yet they're connected by Fiona's a.m.a.z.i.n.g, confident, sultry/jazzy singing.  As you listen to each song, each takes to a different journey of emotions, leaving you breathless.  We cannot help but to feel sooo happy and proud of Fiona because we know she's poured out her soul, once again, as she did in Tidal to her art of writing such beautiful music!   Her rich smoky voice ranges with melodic, powerful, vulnerable, feisty, and soulful sounds taking us to our familiar Fiona, but yet to a new one we haven't heard like this before.  Mesmerizing! 




Fast As You Can:  Unfortunately, the scheduled Digital Download from Launch.com for tomorrow, September 28th at 9:00 will not come through, much to the chagrin of all Fiona fans. 

However, don't let your hearts sink because we're SO happy to now bring to you, "Fast As You Can" (4:38), the album edit which is a full minute longer than the radio edit.  We have it in Real Player or in Windows Media Player.  It's a really great song and a perfect follow-up song for Fiona!  

Fast As You Can - The Video!  As for the biggest surprise of all, we have the video for "Fast As You Can!"  It's directed by P.T. Anderson (who is absolutely crazy about Fiona and it shows!) He has created a simply dazzling video!  With the opening black & white zoomed shots, we're artfully enveloped into an intimate, fresh, and playful Fiona.  There's a seamless transition to color shots of Fiona in various areas including a garage, inside a house and in the L.A. metro.  It's captivatingly edgy, cool, fresh-looking, artistic. You are all going to love it!

Don't forget that the national television debut of the video will be sometime on October 4th!  Call MTV and tell them to play it already!  

We can't say much about it now, we can't give too much away.  We have however put up some stills of the video and you can see them here!

September  23, 1999:  UPDATE:  Hear Fiona's  message for you in Real Audio and added television appearances!

When the Pawn..., "Fast As You Can" single and video, and tour: 

So, you say you can't wait anymore, sit down and be prepared to be blown away!  From a Sony representative, the following exciting info has been provided!

  1. "Fast As You Can":  the full-length single will be available for free download on SEPTEMBER  28th, 9:00 PM at Launch.com!  The radio edit of "Fast As You Can" will reach radio stations on the following day, SEPTEMBERr 29th, and is asked to be added to their playlists on OCTOBER 5th

    Digital downloading at Launch.com is through Beta Windows Media Player. If you're not sure whether or not you have this plug-in, go ahead and download it because the Real Player plug-in won't play it.  If you having trouble downloading it or have any questions, email us and we'll try to help you.

  2. New video for "Fast As You Can":  Fiona's latest video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, at this time has no scheduled premiere, but ideally will begin airing on MTV, VH1 and The Box on OCTOBER 4th

    We'll keep you posted on these network premieres as they are announced.  At this time, Fiona is not scheduled to participate in any of the premieres.





  1. New Fiona Tour:  As of now, Fiona is scheduled to begin touring in FEBRUARY 2000!  She will jump into a full-blown tour then.  At this time, there's no scheduled warm-up club tour.  

  2. When the Pawn... comments:  Fiona's sophomore album is "incredibly deep, confident, and engaging."  The consensus of everyone who's heard this album is that this is a great, artistic effort from our Fiona.  We've also heard that she worked extremely hard and gave a lot of herself while making this album.  There is a total of 10 tracks, and we are "not to be disappointed."  As with Macy Gray, the album will be released under the record label "Clean Slate/Epic."  The release date is still NOVEMBER 9th!  Be sure to check your record stores for "Midnight Madness" on Monday, November 8th to be one of the first to buy the album!

  3. Television Appearances:  Fiona is scheduled to come to New York and appear on The Late Show with David Letterman and on Saturday Night Live  the first week of November to promote her album.  We'll keep you posted on the exact dates and times.

  4. New Website Content:  In the next few days, her website (Fiona-Apple.com) will have a completely new artist bio with Fiona's own thoughts on making the new album.  As an added bonus, they will be releasing 30-second sound clips along with the lyrics of When the Pawn... songs every Friday starting on OCTOBER  8th!  You have to go check them out!  We'll remind you every Friday with our NIAP Updates mailing list, so keep subscribing!

    We'll keep you posted with the latest developments as we hear them.  Stay tuned!!!




September 22, 1999:   "Fast As You Can" video!

You already know PTA directed this video, and we've now heard that the video was filmed in Los Angeles  using the L.A. metro.  The theme at this point is not revealed.  An old black & white hand-crank camera, which gives an "antique" look to the film was used, but it doesn't mean that this is another black & white video because color shots were also done.  Fiona is singing throughout the video.  How cool and exciting is this?!

We're confirming the date and specifics as to when  and where the video will be shown.  Keep yourselves tuned!  Fiona's hard work (Paul's too) is just about to hit all media waves to the delight of her eager fans!

September  21, 1999:  If you're all excited about Fiona's new music coming, then you'll be stoked about the time when you can see her on tour!  It'll be thrilling for all of us!  Well, as the final aesthetics for the album, single, video, publicity are being done as we speak, many are wondering about Fiona's touring.  Fiona will tour again!  You can rest assured of that.  We'll keep you posted as soon as the new tour schedule is available.  

Some have emailed us, whether or not Matt Chamberlain will be on tour with Fiona, and at this point we can't confirm or deny it.  Although Matt (a superb and highly sought drummer), has been used in the studio for Fiona's Tidal and When the Pawn..., he did not tour with Fiona for the majority of Fiona's Tidal tour.  



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September 19, 1999:   The PETA Millennium Gala

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals honored their members on Saturday night with a gala fundraising event.  Among the honorees were our very own Fiona!  Unfortunately she was not there to accept her award, but the carrot pictured accepted on her behalf.  The star studded event was capped off with a performance by longtime PETA member, Paul McCartney.  

Ellen DeGeneres and Gillian Anderson (no relation to Paul) presented the award to James Cromwell for his work exposing the horrors of a pig farm in North Carolina and to Fiona for her pro-turkey Thanksgiving message.  They showed a clip of Carson Daly of MTV calling and listening to the message, and they spoke of it's tremendous success.  The event was broadcast live by broadcastisland.com.  Keep your eyes wide open for Fiona!


September  12, 1999:  Today's edition of the New York Times has two articles mentioning Fiona and her upcoming album.  

  1. Looking Ahead, Pop Music:  Arty Pop, Fiery Jazz and Cool Blues

    by MACY GRAY (Singer and songwriter)

    "You know the record I'm so ready to get? The new D'Angelo record. I heard most of it. It's so dope. People are going to say it's not commercial. But it's so phat. I loved his first record, but that one had hits on it. On this one I heard maybe one. But artistically it's just awesome. 

    I heard the new Fiona Apple. It's hot. It's real different, real artsy. She's not so obviously going for hits. She has some piano and vocal songs, stuff like that. She has this one song where the tempo changes right in the middle of the song. It's a real arty record. It's like she just wanted to make music. 

    I think that's what's happening now. A lot of artists are going to start doing that. A lot of stuff that you wouldn't hear on the radio today you're going to start hearing in the next couple years. The way-out stuff is working. That's kind of the only way to go."  



  1. Melancholy Babies:  Angst Is In Again 

    "Another forlorn character, Fiona Apple, returns in November with her second album, which, cantankerously, has a 90-word title. Her songs provide a corrective to the dewy-eyed, happy-ever-after romance that has retaken the Top 10; she remembers the ups and downs and messy, self-destructive details of love and lust, and she sings about them in a voice with a melancholy bitterness that makes her seem far older than 22. 

    The reception of both albums [Fiona's and Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor] will measure whether adolescents still want to admit they're tormented from within."

"fast as you can" director p.t. anderson & fiona apple

September 11, 1999:   From a certain ghoulardi bird:

Fiona's new video for "Fast As You Can" will be shot  this weekend by none other than hot director, Paul Thomas Anderson!  Word has it that they are in Los Angeles doing a two-day shoot. There is no word on the concept of the video.  The successful and critically acclaimed video for "Across the Universe" was also the  product of Paul Thomas Anderson.  Their wonderful collaboration on and off the set, can only make this another spectacular video fastly launching the first single for Fiona's long-awaited When the Pawn...  hits in November!

Get MTV's request line locked into your speed dial as well as online to make your request as "Fast As You can" when it debuts!


September  9, 1999:  With the money-making season fast approaching, a lot of magazines are publishing their fall previews.  National magazines -- Billboard, Time, EW -- and regional mags (for us) -- New York, Time Out NY -- have reported the November release of  When the Pawn... 

  • Billboard:   Apple's New Album Title A Mouthful 

    Fiona Apple will never be accused of being terse. Her new album seals that. The album, due Nov. 9 on Work/Sony, is titled (take a deep breath): "When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts He Thinks Like A King What He Knows Throws The Blows When He Goes To The Fight And He'll Win The Whole Thing 'Fore He Enters The Ring There's No Body To Batter When Your Mind Is Your Might So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand And Remember That Depth Is The Greatest Of Heights And If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where To Land And If You Fall It Won't Matter, 'Cuz You'll Know That You're Right." 


The title is believed to be the longest in modern music history. So long, in fact, that a spokesperson for Apple could not confirm if the full title will even appear on the album packaging. 

The album, Apple's follow-up to her smash debut Tidal, was produced by Jon Brion in Los Angeles. "Fast As You Can," its first single, is expected to be released in October. Apple's touring plans are unconfirmed at press time. 

  • New York:  "(after the 90-word title). This poem is the full title of Fiona Apple's long-awaited follow-up to the tortured teenage blues of her debut.  'Nuff said."

  • Time Out NY:  "Autumn harvest: look forward to these fall record releases November - Fiona Apple, When the Pawn..."




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