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January 31, 2000:  PTA & Magnolia - The Shooting Script

First things first.  We keep many things under wraps, but going along with the PTA Shooting Script news, we must acknowledge publicly what a fuckin' amazing person PTA is. We must give due credit.  Not only is he one of the hottest writer/directors with loads of talent, vision, and sensibilities, but he's set apart for also being so down to earth and genuine.  For genuinely caring.  For being a real person. We received today "Limp" -- again our video copy and we damn well can't just thank privately.  PTA you're the fuckin' best!  Yeah all this blah blah blah, but you know we mean it.  THANK YOU publicly! :)

Everyone, how about the latest "Limp" video!  Tell us what you think.

So, okay...  Magnolia - The Shooting Script out in paperback since last week (hardcover coming soon) has PTA's introduction with many thoughts and words on our beloved Fiona.   Click here to read the IntroductionThe Shooting Script comes with complete  info including many scenes that didn't make the movie, an extensive interview with PTA, a photo section featuring more than 40 photos, and complete cast and credits.  If you still haven't seen the movie, go see it now!  We've seen it 3 times and can't get enough from it.  The Magnolia Soundtrack is also a must!  Aimee Mann is superb.

Get the Script at B&N and other big stores!

(many thank yous to Maria for the help with the Intro and pictures!)





click here for pics!

The official Magnolia site:

The definite PTA resource fan site: 


January 30, 2000:  "Limp" MTV premiere! 

Coinciding and giving focus to Fiona's upcoming single and TOUR this month, the incredible "Limp" video premiered tonight on MTV's 120 Minutes!  Under the wonderful direction of PTA, it begins with Fiona rising from a bed and into the bathroom for makeup.  We see her choose an outfit from inside a closet and descend a staircase lit with christmas lights.  There is a table with a puzzle on it that Fi assembles.  This puzzle is made from one of Fiona's paintings also used in Magnolia on Claudia's apartment wall.   The word "angry" is visible on the bottom right corner.  She is then seen walking through the house as bookcases and fireplaces light up.  She lies on a couch watching her glamour image flash across a television screen.  The visuals are then timed to the funky drum beats of "Limp."  We have to agree with Paul, "she's as beautiful as you've ever seen!"  

Check out the clip in Real Video G2 Sure Stream Optimization, (in other words, it'll automatically stream to your connection speed.)


January 29, 2000:  Club Largo

Last Tuesday night at Club Largo in Los Angeles, a private benefit was held for St. Jude's Hospital.  A song cycle by well-known LA musicians featuring Rhett Miller (Old 97's), Elliot Smith, Jon Brion, and Fiona Apple.  Everyone played 5 songs and in typical Jon Brion fashion, he joined in for most of it.  Fiona gave an extraordinary solo performance accompanied by only her piano.  The show was amazing!

Set List:
"Paper Bag"
"The Way Things Are"
"Small Day Tomorrow" (a new cover)
"I Know"
"Angel Eyes" (cover performed at Largo before.  For this song, Fiona sang while Jon played piano.)







January 29, 2000:  "When The Pawn" goes across the Pond! 

According to Fiona's official site, coinciding with the release of "Fast As You Can" on FEB 7th and When The Pawn on FEB 28th, Fiona will be appearing on UK television and rags.  


You can catch her interview in the coming weeks on the following magazines and newspapers: Q, Sunday Express, Elle, Arena, Saturday Times Metro, Uncut and I-D.  Most of these magazines are available in the US (check your better newsstands and stores).


She will also be appearing and performing in a series of shows in the coming weeks.  On FEBRUARY 1 she will appear on "The Ozone."  There are a lot more appearances scheduled so stay tuned!

In addition, catch the FAYC video on MTV UK, playing for the last 2 weeks!


January 28, 2000:  "Limp" to debut on MTV's "120 Minutes!"

MTV's 120 Minutes will finally debut Fiona's  "Limp" video this Sunday, JAN 30th @ 1:00 AM (check your local listings to verify your time).  PTA directed this video and is quite happy with how Fiona looks in the video saying "she's as beautiful as you've ever seen"!  Don't forget to watch it and set you VCRs.  

Check the TOUR page for tickets going onsale tomorrow!  





January 19, 2000:  "Limp" previewed on MTV News! 

MTV gives viewers a sneak peak of the soon to be released "Limp" video.  The third video by Fiona's favorite director, Paul Thomas Anderson,  captures the subtle soothing opening of "Limp" by filming Fiona in a dark, haunted mansion as she enters in a blue, floor hemming skirt.  The video then erupts in a fury of video cuts as she unleashes the deadly chorus.  From observers of the shoot, Fiona and Paul work wonderfully together. This will be a brilliant video! 

Check out the clip (from their last interview in NYC before the MTV Live special) as Fiona talks about overcoming the sophomore album jinx.  MTV projects the "Limp" video to debut "sometime" next month as Fiona begins touring February 24th in Wallingford, CT.


January 19, 2000:  California Music Awards Nominations

Congratulations to Fiona for her three California Music Award nominations!  Formerly known as the "Bammies," the California Music Awards recognizes significant music contributions made by "California" artists.  Fiona was nominated for the following:

  • Outstanding Album

  • Outstanding Female Vocalist

  • Outstanding Songwriter

The awards ceremony will be held on April 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California.  Tickets for the event are on sale now at tickets.com or by calling 800-225-BASS.  Tower Records is the primary sponsor for the event, and will provide ballots in all their California outlets for public voting.  Go all you Californians and vote for Fiona!




Everyone can vote online for Fiona at TowerRecords.com!  All the nominees are listed and you can even write Fiona in for the California Artist of the Year!  Thanks to loyal Fiona fan QuiggyBuny for the information. :)


January 15, 2000:  "Fast As You Can" in UK 

From Sony/Epic news, on FEBRUARY 7th the first single "Fast As You Can" will be finally released in the UK!  This is the first track single from Fiona's When The Pawn.

We know all the UK friends have long been waiting!  Enjoy it and let us know any media coverage over there.

TOUR date added: 

March 7- Indianapolis, IN
Murat Theatre has been added.  Check the TOUR page for details.



January 14, 2000:  Billy Wilder Tribute

Fiona and Paul were spotted last night at a tribute to Billy Wilder.  Wilder, 93, also attended the tribute that featured clips from his films and personal appearances.  Wilder received Academy Awards for writing and directing the 1945 film The Lost Weekend and for writing the 1950 film Sunset Blvd. which he also directed.  Wilder is also known for directing the Marilyn Monroe films, Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch.  Writer, director?  Paul is paying tribute to one of the greats and following his footsteps as a wonderful writer/director.. 






January 14, 2000:  TOUR updates 

Check out the TOUR page for the latest info of ticket sales with seat maps at each venue for the first leg of Fiona's tour! 


March 9 - Cleveland, OH
Draft House Tavern & Music Hall
has been deleted.

March 14 - ST Paul, MN
O'Shaugnessy Auditorium


Vancouver  (3|19) today! 
Wallingford CT (2|24), and Albany NY (3|2)  tomorrow! 

Check the TOUR page for details & where to buy!


January 12, 2000:  Fiona Apple Tour!

As given 2 days ago, the dates for Fiona's TOUR are out!  We absolutely cannot wait!  We realize this is a short list of dates.  We're bombarded with questions regarding when the tickets go onsale, how much they will be and if anymore venues or cities will be added.  Just remember  these are the first dates given at this time.  We're hopeful more will be added and all  details will filter in.

We're glad to try to help you in some ways, but please don't keep asking us for your VIP passes, backstage passes, and other personal requests.  We
don't handle that.

We'll try to attend the first 8 shows in the northeast, so we'll see you there. :)



Tickets for some of the shows go on sale this SATURDAY, January 15 at 10:00 am at local box offices and at Ticketmaster.  Get ready to log on or stand in line!  Call your local box office to see exactly what time they are selling tickets.


Helpful Tour Links

UPDATE: January 10, 2000:  

We've just added the pictures from the SPIN 2|2000! 

Also,  you'll be finding soon at  the SPIN.com website  - APPLE UNCUT with "uncensored outtakes from the interview, an interactive audio discography, photographic slide show, the latest news on her upcoming tour and links to the best fan sites on the web!" 


January 5, 2000:  SPIN 2|2000 

The long awaited FEBRUARY issue of SPIN is about to hit your newsstands on January 11th, but we've got it for you now!  As you know Fiona is on the cover (pictures will be posted soon) with her clean, beautiful, and natural look wearing a purple knit top. There's about 3 full-page pictures all in a natural, wooded setting.

"Girl On A Wire" it's a long article/interview (about 7 pages) with a  candid interview.  Fiona at her best and most loved by us, for her pure honesty, openness, unpretentious, no-bullshit, strong yet so beautifully sensitive self.  Shall we say, a real person.  And that, coupled with her incredible talent, makes her very special.   Click here to read the entire article.

(absolute thank yous to Kevin!)


January 4, 2000:  Rockin' On and Les Inrockuptibles

Happy 2K!  After a needed break, we're back with some goodies we've been holding.  Click on the pictures to your right and you'll see brand new pictures from the Japanese mag Rockin' On of Jan|2000!  Fiona says "It's not hard for me to know the truth, but it's hard to let others know my truth."  There's another  lengthy interview.  

Also, great pictures from the French mag Les Inrockuptibles of Dec|99 with an interview to be added soon.

Limp video? Tour? yeah.  Exciting things soon to follow! 





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