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March 28, 2000:  Japanese TOUR!

Good news for all you fans in Japan!  Fiona and the band (Matt Chamberlain, Keith Lowe, Lucky Lockwood, Joe Simon, & Jebin Bruni) will be on TOUR in Japan for one week.  As you know, Fiona's music is tremendously popular and appreciated in Japan.  In addition to the quick release of When The Pawn, and the single "Fast As You Can"  (including "Limp"), Fiona has been featured with an array of interviews and photo shoots in a number of music magazines in Japan.  (Check out our pictures section for a view of Crossbeat, SWITCH, Rockin' On and more!)  The single for "Paper Bag" in Japan is another tentative release soon to follow.

Japanese TOUR dates:

MAY 08, 2000
MAY 09, 2000
MAY 10, 2000
MAY 12, 2000
MAY 14, 2000

Check Fiona's SONY-Japan site as well as UDO-Japan Artists in concert for detailed info! 


March 24, 2000:  Fiona on Jay Leno

What a wonderful performance the soft-rose-petal coated Fiona gave us tonight on Jay Leno's with the premiere appearance of "Paper Bag"!  One of the most delightful songs from When The Pawn, and many a fan favorite, "Paper Bag" is the new single alla Dylan style.  Keep yourselves tuned as the video for "Paper Bag" will be soon directed by the warm & talented PTA.  (good luck on Oscar night!)

Click on the links to the right for the entire Real Video (optimized SureStreaming) plus video caps.

Fiona's engaging performance comes soon after finishing her first leg (20 dates) of the awaited TOUR for When The Pawn.  Catch her on the second leg beginning April 9th for the US southeast.  Dates and detailed info in our TOUR page.




"Paper Bag" - Real Video (full)

"Paper Bag" - Video caps  






March 17, 2000:  "Notes from the Road" - Note #4

From Chicago!  So, today we received another "note" from Fi!  Thirty minutes before showtime and she's sitting on the bus writing.  Why writing there? And she thinks she's not funny, but to us, she is.  Too cute Fi :)  

Now, did you contribute to the "treasure" book?  She loved it when we gave it to her after the DC show.  She's thanking you all.  Read the note.  You can also see her with this book in one of our pics for DC in the TOUR Reviews.  Aren't you glad you contributed?!

Paper Bag:  Yes, this will be the next single from the wonderful, highly acclaimed When The Pawn.  Who's our favorite director?  PTA of course.  Well, he'll be soon directing the video for "Paper Bag" and you can be assured that it'll be a "true classic video."  We can't wait to see it!

Speaking about videos, for many of you asking of a "video compilation" coming soon, sorry to burst the rumor bubble but there's no truth to that.  At this time, there are no plans for such project, and this is coming directly from the "Apple's" mouth.  

Did anyone go to the Denver show?  Send us your reviews.


March 12, 2000:  Fiona on Jay Leno

Set yourself to watch Fiona as Jay Leno's musical guest for FRIDAY, March 24th!  This will be 2 days after her last show (San Francisco) on the first leg of her TOUR.  

Many Thank Yous to everyone who has contributed with reviews, experiences, and pictures for the TOUR!  Keep 'em coming in.  







March 7, 2000:  New TOUR dates, TOUR reviews & photos, Fi's apology, and more from the UK: 

New TOUR Dates:  Keep checking the TOUR page as dates are being added daily.  So far, listed at Ticketmaster.com:

APRIL 09 - New Orleans, LA sale Friday 3|10!
APRIL 10 - Memphis, TN   on sale now!
APRIL 11 - Birmingham, AL  on sale now! 
APRIL 13 - Clearwater, FL  sale Friday 3|10!
APRIL 14 - Lake Buena Vista, FL  sale Sat 3|11!
APRIL 15 - Pompano Beach, FL  sale Sat 3|11!
APRIL 18 - Asheville, NC  sale Sat 3|11!
APRIL 20 - Atlanta, GA  sale Friday 3|10!
APRIL 21 - Myrtle Beach, SC  on sale now!

TOUR reviews & photos: 
We've been adding your reviews & photos every day for all venues till today.  Keep reading and going back to all the venues covered as we're getting reviews & photos for many on a daily basis.  Thank you to all submitting and keep on for all to enjoy! 

Fiona's apology:  Buzzine, Spin, VH1Jam! Music, Launch and Wall of Sound have covered with news & articles on Fiona's handwritten apology letters as given to us after the Albany concert and shown here under "Notes from the Road."   

From the UK:  We've added new reviews for When The Pawn and first single FAYC from ATTITUDE magazine March 2000, HEAT magazine Feb 2000,  and the UK MTV transcript of their brand-new interview with Fiona shown on February 16 with Zane Lowe. 

(as always, many thank you's to sallytbyml for the great & thorough UK coverage!)


March 4, 2000:  "Notes from the Road"

With the Roseland performance on Fi's mind, you can read how she felt before and after that performance.  

Backstage at the Albany show, she gave us 2 letters.  One is a 2-page note of anxious anticipation before the show.  The other is an 8-page letter written the morning after the Roseland show.  

Our section "Notes from the Road" is the only place, for now, where you will find Fi's reaction and apology to just about everybody involved with the show.  Please read it for yourselves and get her feelings and perspective.  For your convenience, we've typed them for a quick text-only review as well as scanned her handwritten notes.







March 1, 2000:  The TOUR 

Fiona on TOUR has been mesmerizing with amazing sets that has only brought her fans to a deeper appreciation of her music.  We've been to 4 concerts this time starting with Wallingford CT, Boston MA, Wilkes-Barre PA, and last night's Roseland's shortened set.  The Roseland didn't hold a bed of roses but became a bed of thorns as horrible sound problems plagued and muffled Fiona's voice along with her bands' sounds.  This much planned and awaited concert in Fi's original stomping grounds didn't turn out to be the show she expected to put.  Yes, the show fell apart because of the sound problems.  It hurt because she deeply cares about her fans and audience.  This nightmare she wasn't able to control. The concert will be made up later on.  There's A LOT of disappointment. We know, we understand.  But, please try to understand and keep supporting Fiona.  This fuckin' concert was an aberration from all her concerts leading up to this.  We ask that you rise above your great disappointment.  Live events are living in the moment.  When the moment isn't good and a high price is paid, what else can one do?  She has to keep going with the TOUR.  Scratch it out if you can -- give her your continued love and support.  Hey, as fuckin' New Yorkers we know we're direct, we demand the best with no apologies.  Goddamnit, we're all feeling it right now.  Make your peace and check out our Tour Review section for more details.

More TOUR Dates!:  There will be approximately 27 shows added to this tour.  As the dates and venues become confirmed, we will post them in the TOUR section.  Opening this set of shows will be The Eels.  The Eels drummer Butch worked along with Fiona's When The Pawn.  The Birmingham AL, Lake Buena Vista FL, and Myrtle Beach SC will go on sale within the next 2 weeks!

"Notes From The Road":  Fiona dearly loves her fans and thought it would be great to write some "Notes From The Road."  She'll be writing to us to share with all of you.  We have her first note written just before the first show.  Check it out here to connect with her thoughts and feelings as she pens them through this TOUR. 



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