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June 29, 2000:  CROSSBEAT - 6.00 

We've finally gotten hold of Japan's CROSSBEAT - June.2000 issue (not an easy find in the US!).  As mentioned earlier, Fiona is featured on its cover.  This issue contains a lengthy 12-page article filled with 9 new photos, an interview, and 3 Japan-TOUR Reviews for the first 3 dates in Tokyo.  Unfortunately, apart from the obvious pictures, we're unable to share anything more due to the language barrier.  (Anyone able & willing to help translating?) 

The Japan-TOUR set list was the same as in the dates for the US.  See our TOUR Reviews for all details and photos in the US.  

As usual with Japanese photography, Fiona is presented in a very natural, warm & earthy way.  When on stage, the red-powerful hues catch an instance of her music's passion.  Check 'em out. 

June 12, 2000:  Paper out of the Bag!

In an almost inconspicuous USA debut, the whirling and twirling of Fiona's "Paper Bag" video finally made it to our airwaves!  VH1's The Daily One show premiered it (as far as we've heard) on their Monday @ 2:00 PM EST show.  Beautifully done in the style of the golden age of cinema, Paul and Fiona have delivered a true classic.

Wonderfully choreographed by M. Rooney (It's Oh So Quiet" Bjork) and directed by the amazing PTA (you better know who he is), the video centers in on the light airy feeling of the song.  It focuses on a ruby-red elegantly dressed Fiona lilting on her toes over a converted dance floor in an old-fashioned diner.  Fiona is escorted and accompanied by two dozen or so dancing youthful squires from yesteryear dressed in 40's style suits and fedoras -- enchantingly adorable.  The dance moves are perfectly in rhythm with the jazzy beat.  The video richly captures a bygone charm leaving us with a taste for more!  

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PTA - Director

Full -- "SureStream" Real Video

"Paper Bag" video stills - 65


June issue (thanks to AngieB!)



June 9, 2000:  CROSSBEAT Japan & more 

Due to Fiona's recent Japan TOUR, an array of magazines and newspapers will highlight this first visit with pictures and interviews!  

May 17th Asahi [newspaper]
May 17th CROSSBEAT [mag]
(June issue, cover story)
June 16th ROCKIN ON [mag]
(6 pages)
June 18th BUZZ [mag]
(4 pages)
June 25th SWITCH [mag]
(8 pages)


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