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July 24, 2000:  UK "Paper Bag" Enhanced single! 

Get your copy today!  This single was released today in the UK for less than 4. (or just over $7.00 w/shipping from cdzone).  That's a steal for any enhanced CD!  Here's the track list:

1 Paper Bag
2 Paper Bag (video CD extra)
3 Limp (video CD extra)
4 Fast As You Can (video CD extra)

As mentioned, this is a limited edition brand-new single.  Don't miss it for your collection.  For some this is a great and only opportunity to finally see these beautiful videos -- all 3 off When The Pawn...  (PC & MAC compatible)

Online links for this import:  

Fiona will also be on UK TV, Channel 4, this Thurs @2:20AM: "Fiona Apple Live from New York"

(As always, many thank yous to our diligent British chum Sallytbyml for the scans & info as well as jay jay and David Wallace for all the heads up in the UK)


July 19, 2000:  "Across The Universe" Pop-Up on VH1 

VH1 kicked off their new Pop-Up Video season last night (7.18 @ 8:00 PM EST) with back-to-back all-new themed episodes.  Included in their new season for "Covers" was Fiona's "Across The Universe."  It was well done and filled with trivia.  How long did it take to film this video? What 'stunts' did Fiona do?  The perennial question:  What does 'Jai guru de va om' mean?  Where was John C. Reilly?  Fiona's Mantra?  All in all -- it was good, funny, & rightly gave attention to an excellent video.  Other pop ups were Madonna's "American Pie" and Seal's "Fly Like An Eagle."

Not sure when this will be repeated.  Check your TV listings, or catch it here now in Real Video.  Make your selection under the videocap.


"Across The Universe" 

Full VH1 Pop-Up (streaming) video
Full VH1 Pop-Up video (download)







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6 Music Videos by p.t.anderson

try - michael penn
save me - aimee mann
across the universe - fiona apple
fast as you can - fiona apple
limp - fiona apple
paper bag - fiona apple


July 11, 2000:  PTA's DVD Video collection! 

All you collectors of fine Fiona & PTA art, brace yourselves.  A rare and extremely limited edition of 6 Music Videos by p.t. anderson has made its way to a DVD player somewhere in the United States.

The collection consists of every music video that director extraordinaire Paul Thomas Anderson lensed.  And yes, 4 out of the 6 are from Fiona Apple!  This probably won't be available anywhere at all, so please don't bombard your local record store in hopes of ordering a copy.  It was produced by PTA's production company for non-commercial distribution to many friends & individuals.  If you will, a special way for more to see these amazing videos.  The "more who see it, the merrier."  This special collection of videos, including "Try" done during Boogie Nights & "Save Me" for Magnolia are just beautiful, poignant, and creative -- truly a great montage of PTA's work.  Each tells a story.  Each works a song.   

We are extremely thankful to Paul & Fi for their continued generosity to us.  Thanks a million you two!  Also, many thanks to Aaron Tichenor. 

The videos look so beautiful in this digital format, it's like seeing each video all over again for the first time.  The DVD quality cannot be compared! Would you like a copy? :)  We're planning very soon to give a copy away!  Details soon to follow. 



July 3, 2000:  UK "Paper Bag" enhanced single!

UPDATE - 7.11.00
Find it at:   www.cdzone.co.uk

Great news!  A "Paper Bag" enhanced single will be available in the UK on July 24th!   

This will be a limited edition  "Paper Bag' single featuring its accompanying video, plus videos for "Limp" and "Fast As You Can."  Wow.  We can say a great buy has finally come!  Three amazing videos by the talented PTA, a multiple-Oscar-nominee for his movies Magnolia and Boogie Nights.  (movienote:  7.25.00 is Magnolia's VHS release date)

You can expect a little more from this collection than the average music video.  PTA has been Fiona's video director-of-choice for her last 4 videos:  "Across The Universe," "Fast As You Can," "Limp," and the recently released "Paper Bag."  

Check out all your UK music online links to order this single ASAP!  The first UK single, "Fast As You Can" was also available in limited stores in the US.  Don't miss this one out!




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