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May 27, 2000:  Last show for When The Pawn... Tour

Last night at New York City's Beacon Theatre, Fiona returned to her big apple roots for a final show.   Sadly, this was the end of the road for the When The Pawn TOUR covering 40 dates across the U.S. and Japan.  

The Beacon packed-house overwhelmingly cheered Fiona's comeback since the Roseland.  Yes we all know what happened there.  The eager fans gave Fiona a standing cheering ovation from the moment she put foot onstage till she left.  Fiona did not disappoint.  To the contrary, she wowed us with an electrifying performance showcasing her extraordinary talent!  It was powerful, luring, and people couldn't get enough.  A conquered milestone, NYC will remember this brilliant and bittersweet performance.  Read the photo-filled TOUR Reviews.

Fiona toured in support of the fan-loved and critically acclaimed When The Pawn album.  Something we have to gripe about is how this rich, creative, amazing album was not deemed "radio-friendly" by the shallow only-top-40-pop-crap media.  The U.S. state of music affairs is sad indeed.  The good music is getting squashed because of the lack of support from radio and TV.  Only the MTV puppet-marketable appealing to the ever-younger, easily influenced, seem to enjoy "commercial" success.  How can an album like When The Pawn not yet reach platinum status?   Despite the radio, TV elements -- make your support count!  Fans have power.  Keep spreading and supporting this album by telling others to buy it!  Keep spreadin' the love.






Fiona Apple's Boston tickets
Giveaway entry link!

May 15, 2000:  Boston Concert Ticket Giveaway!

Calling all Fi fans who can make it to Boston!  You wanna be at the Boston show but don't have tickets? 

musictoday.com, a cool music website, is giving away 10 pairs of tickets for Fiona's upcoming Boston show (MAY 24th) at the FleetBoston Pavilion!  The deadline to enter for this Giveaway is May 18th.  Hurry and enter now!  You may be a lucky winner!  

By the way, NIAP is featured as musictoday.com's "website of the week."   Winky ThankYou!


May 11, 2000:  MTV Latin America premiere!

Yo quiero "Paper Bag"!  Face it people, we got beat to the punch for the premiere of the "Paper Bag" video.  MTV Latin America premiered the video on May 9th in Mexico, Argentina and Chile and it's been in rotation ever since.  Now we know how it feels when we have the premieres here and people from other countries have to wait.  We "hear" it's a great video.  Beautiful, jazzy, retro.  Wink.  No spoilers from us.


May 9, 2000:  MTV's TRL

Get ready for "Paper Bag" the video!  Get ready for Fiona stepping into MTV's Total Request Live!  That's right people.

Fiona is scheduled to appear on TRL, THURSDAY, May 25, 2000 to help debut this latest video. The breathtakingly beautiful "Paper Bag" video described only as a "true classic" by its director, PTA, will make its North American premiere this day.  Now we have a reason to watch and tape this show!  It's few and far between when true music talents appear and are showcased on TRL.  

With that in mind, all you New York metro area fans, get yourselves down to Times Square to support Fi and show the world that Fiona has real fans!  Everyone else who can't be there,  support - support!  How does TRL work?  Rig the vote, (oops slipped) - email, phone in to get "Paper Bag" some good TV exposure!







May 04, 2000:  No 2nd NYC date?

We should preface this by saying it's May 4th, Thursday afternoon.  The update below was done past 1:00 am last night.  Things keep changing.  Again.  We first heard there were 2 shows. Then just one.  Okay we'll keep it at one.  Last night, late, Ticketmaster.com lists a second date, as noted just below.  We added the info thinking "Oh, so it's back to two. Good!" This morning, poof it's gone.  We have to retract that info.  We could've just deleted, but would've confused the hell out many who read it.  "Didn't I read it?  Where is it?  It was there!"  Basically don't count on the 2nd date yet.  We don't think we've heard the last of it.  Stay tuned. Wink.

May 04, 2000:  2nd NYC date! 

As expected, a second date has been added to Ticketmaster.com listings for Fiona.  The scheduled date will be at The Beacon Theater for SATURDAY, May 27th @8:00PM.  Ticket purchase info will be provided later.  For the eager Roseland show ticket stub holders, please read and follow instructions given below.


May 03, 2000:  NYC show on 5.26.00

Here's the quick lowdown on this show.  From a DelsenerSlater press release:

Fiona Apple
invites you to join her on
Friday, May 26th at 8:00 pm
The Beacon Theater

Tickets go on sale this Thursday, 
May 4th @10:00AM

"If you attended the February 29th, 2000 Roseland show, you can exchange your ticket stub, on a first come, first serve basis, to receive a ticket to the May 26th Beacon Theater show."

Exchanges will be accepted between 
May 4th --17th ONLY at the following locations:

In NYC: The Beacon Theater
Irving Plaza
(box offices)
In Long Island: Westbury Music Fair
In New Jersey: PNC Arts Center

TICKETS $27.50.  Tickets available at Beacon Theater Box Office - cash only, no service charge.  Also at all Ticketmaster outlets & charge-by-phone (212) 307-7171, (201) 507-8900, (631) 888-9000, (914) 454-3388 and (212) 307-7200 -- automated.

First 10 rows available through phone charge only.  For information call (212) 498-7070.  Tickets subject to convenience charges.  Event, date and time subject to change."









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