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February 28, 2000:  Late Show with David Letterman

As if Fi isn't busy enough, she's scheduled to appear this Wednesday MARCH 1st, on the Late Show with (the recovering) David Letterman.   Also scheduled to appear is Candace Bergen.   This should air on Wednesday night at 11:30 pm.  Check your local listings to be sure.  Fiona really enjoyed her last appearance on the Late Show because of David's kindness.  

This will be one night after the "special show" at the Roseland.  Lots of people have been writing to know what it is and all we can say is that you will be blown away.  One tiny hint . . . think "special" guests!  That's all we'll say, I'm sure rumors will trickle in, but this will truly be a show to remember.  Don't miss it for the world and expect the show to run really late!








Tour t-shirts

February 26, 2000:  The TOUR 

First of all let us give a huge THANK YOU to Fiona and her tour staff for being extremely kind to us.  We would also like to thank the many fans that have approached us and had kind words to exchange.

That being said, you will be amazed, touched, moved and inspired by Fi's performances!  The tour went off without a hitch minus the missing t-shirts in Wallingford.  The shirts found their way to Boston and to the rest of the venues.

Good news for all!  There is going to be a second leg of the tour.  We'll get more details on that as they become available.  All we'll say is that they are more than doubling the original amount of dates.

New York City Alert!  If you have tickets to the Roseland performance and you're thinking of not attending, go and smash your finger with a hammer now.  There is an extra special show planned for that night.  We can't say what it is, but this will be THE show that everyone will talk about.  Tell your bosses and teachers now that you'll be late the next morning.  It will be an all-nighter!

Also, we're hanging at the venues just before the shows start, so if you want to contribute to the Treasure Book just meet us in front.  If you want to add to the book, we'll accept more entries at treasurebook@funkyrebel.com.  This will be an extra special book for Fi so have your thoughts included!  If you have any reviews, pictures or experiences send them in to us at tour@funkyrebel.com.

See you all at Wilkes-Barre!



February 23, 2000:  i-D magazine, The Sunday Times (UK) review -- all UK!

i-D magazine:  The brand-new March 2000 (THE DRENCHED ISSUE No. 195) is out in the UK with a new, really good telephone interview with Fi.  It was done soon after attending Magnolia's L.A. premiere.  Along with a previously seen WTP promo shot, there's this new beautiful promo

The Sunday Times - Culture:  Read the latest UK review for When The Pawn from last Sunday's papers.

"Fast As You Can":  It entered at #33 in the UK single charts.  

(thank you so much sallytbyml!)

Stay tuned for all the amazing Fiona TOUR coverage starting Thursday, FEBRUARY 24th in Wallingford, CT!  Get ready for the soulful, unique Fiona!  You are sure to be electrified with her live performances!









SNL "Limp" stills and
 some backstage pics!

Real Video of the performance

February 20, 2000:  SNL, TOUR and WTP Platinum! 

Saturday Night Live:   In what could simply be described as electric, the live performance at Saturday Night Live was amazing!   Paul, fresh off his trip to the Berlin Film Festival, was asked to guest-write for the show.  He was Fi's most enthusiastic cheerleader.  They both had such a great energy walking around the set together.  Fi performed her new single "Limp" with a newfound confidence and force!  She was scheduled to perform another song but the live skits ran a little long.  Hosted by the versatile Ben Affleck, the show was great!  Also on the set were Gwenyth Paltrow, John C. Reilly, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman (John and Phillip are currently starring on the Broadway production of "True West" until June) all part of PTA film family.  This episode of Saturday Night Live seemed to be a lot funnier than in past shows, although we're probably partial.  :)

TOUR Info:  Fiona is very excited about touring again, and she is preparing to surprise everybody with a "special" encore.  We can't reveal what it will be but it'll be great!

When The Pawn is Platinum!:  Huge Congratulations to Fiona for going Platinum with When the Pawn!  With the start of her tour, the release of her new single, the awesome performance on SNL, what better time to celebrate the sales of a million copies of her widely acclaimed album!  


February 18, 2000:  FAYC  UK singles, Metro interview, Dutch WTP review

UK "Fast As You Can" singles:  CD1 and CD2 singles were released in the UK February 14th.  Each single has a wonderful collection of 3 tracks as follows:

1. Fast As You Can (Radio Edit)
2. Never Is A Promise (Live from Sessions at W 54th)
3. Across The Universe

1. Fast As You Can (Album version)
2. Sleep To Dream (Live)
3. I know

1. Fast As You Can (Album version)
2. Never Is A Promise (Live from Sessions)

Check your local music stores for these imports or try these buy-online links:  towereurope101cd, yalplay.



(UK) METRO interview:  We've added another UK interview from The Times - METRO magazine insert from January 29th.  

Holland Heaven:  A new When The Pawn review from the Dutch magazine Heaven with 4 out of 5 stars!  It's a unanimous critical acclaim throughout the world as more and more review When The Pawn.  "It entered at #17 on the critics list, and at #33 on national radio's Interactive Top 50.  Both charts aren't based on sales, but reflects the opinions of listeners."

SNL reminder:   Don't forget to catch Fiona's brand-new Saturday Night Live performance tomorrow, FEB 19th!  Check your local listings.  It'll take us a while to put an update because we'll be there.  We'll fill you in as soon as we can. :)

(thank yous to Jessica for the Dutch information & review!)



click here for pics!

February 12, 2000:  ARENA magazine 

ARENA (UK) magazine:  The March 2000 (Milla Jovovich on the cover) issue has finally hit the shops in the UK!  There's a quad-collage of gorgeous, very artsy pictures in sepia tone.  The captured movement in each is what makes them striking.   

In addition, a vexing interview is included where we can clearly see an example of the media trying to provoke.  Kudos to Fiona... we were annoyed just reading the questions.

Those pictures are the only worthy thing.

ELLE (UK) magazine:  Also the March 2000 issue with Jennifer Aniston on the cover.  Does Fiona like to shop?  Read on a brand-new short Q&A with Fiona (and an old promo TIDAL pic not included here).  

Both of these British magazines will be arriving soon to big book stores, or magazine specialty shops in the US.

REMINDER:  The "Fast As You Can" single is released in the UK Monday, February 14th!

(huge thank you and props to our chum sallytbyml for her great work!) 



February 11, 2000:  Fi's Opening Act

It's now confirmed!  The Los Angeles based hip-hop outfit Jurassic 5 will open for all 20 dates of Fi's tour.  According to Craig Smith of platform.net, Jurassic 5 is a "a six man clique that serves up satisfying old school vibes through two DJs and four MCs. Jurassic 5's independent 1997 EP was re-released by Interscope last year, while their debut LP, Quality Control, is expected to drop in May."  Read more about J5 from their official site and from two fan sites, The Concrete Schoolyard and Lucas Jurassic5 page.  Let's see if they can coax Fi to rap/remix with them. :)





click here for pics!

February 10, 2000:  Bikini magazine 

Bikini (US) magazine:  The February 2000 issue  has these lovely pictures of Fi.  Included is the article-discussion with pal Amanda Anderson: "Strong enough for a man, but made by a woman" addressing "underwear as in the 'Criminal' video,  notoriety, and how she chooses [now] to present herself in a way that coincides with her work, rather than to manipulate an image that's designed to sell records."   Bikini magazine can be found in stores now in the Men's section for mags! 

(thank yous to M. Rada for the tip!) 





February 09, 2000:  Rehearsal peek!

Take a peek at these LA rehearsal photos from Keith's digi cam.  Click on the right link to see more.  Thanks Keith!  Now, where's Joe, Matt, and Keith?

click here for pics!



February 07, 2000:  Brand-new SNL and TOUR info!

Saturday Night Live: On FEB 19th, Fiona and her TOUR BAND -- Keith Lowe (bassist), Matt Chamberlain (drums), Lucky Lockwood (guitars), Joe Simon (vibes & keys), and Jebin Bruni (keys) -- will kick off their upcoming tour with a special performance as musical guests in SNL!   The band is composed with all the players as it was for the MTV Spankin' New taping back on October 30th.  Mark your calendars for the FEB 19th show of SNL!  Check your local listings for exact time.

TOUR info:  There's a LOT of exciting information with Fiona's upcoming TOUR!  (we'll give you a bit more, since Keith let the cat out of the bag. ;)  YES!  Fiona's hand is quite involved with this TOUR.  We spoke to her a few weeks ago, and she told us about the exciting tour lighting info!  She's designed the lighting for the TOUR!  So, watch intently for the flickering nuances and spotlights.

Also, and very exciting!!!  Get your dough ready to buy all the Fiona merchandise!  She also told us that she's designed her own T-shirts for the TOUR!!!  It's a simple, very much Fiona design!

You guys are going to love this TOUR!  Fiona again in concert with her own lighting, T-shirts and more!  TOUR rehearsals started this past Saturday, Feb 5th.

Stay tuned for all the excitement!  We're going to 7 shows starting in Wallingford, CT.  Click here to be part of the TOUR happenings, and how to send your Reviews/photos/ and experiences!  Be part of the "Treasure" book.


February 03, 2000:  UNCUT magazine

As expected, the Fiona media wave is hitting the UK!  The second magazine this week with a March issue featuring brand new Fiona interviews/ articles, pictures, and album reviews.

UNCUT magazine:   The March 2000 issue  of this UK mag (with Oasis on the cover) hit the shops today!  It contains another interesting Q&A interview with Fiona, these seen before WTP promo pictures (click to the right), and a fantastic new album review.  The review calling Fiona's When The Pawn an instant "classic" gives it an outstanding 5 out 5 stars! 

Stay tuned for other upcoming magazines!

(again, many thank yous to our diligent British chum sallytbyml )



click here for pics!


click here for pics!

February 01, 2000:  Q magazine & all the Fiona buzz in the UK

The Ozone: A 20-minute music show featuring 3 or 4 artists on BBC2, showed a 1-minute clip of the "Fast As You Can" video.  Other than that and some poking fun for When The Pawn's long title there was no Fiona substance.

Q magazine:  The March 2000 issue hit the shops today in the UK!  With Macy Gray on the cover, here's the full article/interview with Fiona and some beautiful pictures

In addition, click here to read Q's review for When The Pawn (4 out 5 stars!).  We've also added Hot Tickets British review for the single "Fast As You Can."

(many thank yous to our British chum sallytbyml for all her hard work!) 



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