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December 27, 1999:  When The Pawn album of the year

As we near the end of 1999, many critics are choosing When The Pawn as one of the best 10 albums of the year!  Good music cannot be denied and the critics are giving the raves to the talented Fiona.  Here's a few we've chosen showing their When The Pawn spot for the best of 1999

When The Pawn 

  • LA Times - #3 (out of 10)

  • Terry Atkinson (Nando Media/LA Times Syndicate) -  #1 (out of 10)
    "10 songs packed with fascinating tension and forceful creativity... It's better than her debut Tidal, and that's saying a lot."

  • EW - #2 & #6 (A Second Opinion) (out of 10)
    "spellbinding supper-club music for the post-Prozac generation.  While many of her Lilith Fair peers wilted on the cultural vine in '99, Apple emerged as an artist of emotional and musical complexity.  She's nobody's pawn."

  • Spin - #10 (out of 20)
    (Also chosen by Spin's staff: Spin's Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, & Senior Assoc. Editor in their individual best lists for the year.)


Lastly, going to another subject -- check out Magnolia (opening January 7th everywhere, now playing in LA & NYC only)!  Paul's new Magnolia is an amazing, emotional epic about family life, the tormenting struggle of pained childhoods, and as life is for a group of people in one day of their lives (f'ed up) in the San Fernando Valley.  As previously shared with you, Fiona's paintings are in full display in Melora Walter's room.  Beautiful and haunting.  In a recent interview from the Village Voice, Paul says this about Magnolia:

"For one thing, Anderson claims that Magnolia was written with women in mind, and specifically for the women in his life. "First of all, I wrote it for Aimee, who has been my best friend and inspiration, like, forever. But on a much bigger and more personal level, I wrote it for Fiona Apple." Anderson and his significant pop-star other have been in a serious relationship for some time now, and when he mentions her, he's not just waxing slushy. Asked what he'll be doing with his time off during the next few months, the answer's immediate: "I just want to be the boyfriend for a while." (click here for entire interview)

Yeah, so we know he's a really cool guy, amazingly talented writer/director who adores Fiona.  AND, you'll soon see his newest work with Fiona's new video for "Limp"!  It's gonna be great. 

Also, stay tuned for tour dates to be announced very soon!




December 19, 1999:  SWITCH magazine

For die-hard Fiona fans, this magazine is definitely a collector's item.  We fortunately got our hands on a copy of the December issue of Japan's SWITCH magazine.  We wish we could tell you what it says; there is another lengthy article and interview with Fiona in Japanese.  The highlight of the magazine are the beautiful pictures!  The magazine and article are full of very high quality pictures of Fiona in a casual setting.  The Japanese obviously love her as much as we do.

Of course, we are sharing the pictures with you.   See them here.

small note:  We saw "Magnolia" (P.T. Anderson's epic) and it was by far the best movie we've seen all year. The characters and story are so full and rich  - it was emotionally impacting.  Paul is one of those few directors brave enough to reveal such human drama.   If you live in the Los Angeles or New York City area, you must see it!


December 19, 1999:  When The Pawn goes Gold!

Congratulations Fiona!  It took Tidal 5 months to reach Gold status with the RIAA, but it only took When The Pawn 5 weeks to reach that plateau.  In the December 25th Year in Music issue of Billboard magazine, they list When The Pawn at number 70 and that it has sold over 500,000 copies in the United States.  She also appears in one critics list for the top 10 albums of the year.  She also appears in Entertainment Weekly's year end double issue on two music critics lists for top 10 albums of the year!.  We're so happy that a lot of people realize how talented Fiona is!





click to see 

December 16, 1999:  Images from KROQ's concert

Check out this first batch of great pics from performancephotography.com at KROQ's Almost Acoustic in Anaheim, CA, last Saturday.  As you all know, it was a great show!  If you missed it, check out the LA Times review we posted Monday.

All photos courtesy and
Photo Copyright 1999 by Otto Kitsinger


December 16, 1999:  EQ's interview with Jon Brion and Fiona Apple

On the cover of the December 99 issue of EQ  (an in-depth recording & sounds magazine) there's Fiona, Jon Brion (producer/multi-instrumentalist), and Rich Costey (sound engineer). The interview with Jon Brion and Fiona done during the final stages of mixing the When The Pawn album is quite interesting!  Jon answers about people's wrong impressions of Fiona, pre-production of the album, meeting Fiona, equipment, Rick Costey and Van Dyke Park's work, music and the internet.  Fiona shares her thoughts on producer Jon Brion, the difference about this 2nd album, going on the road, and self-expression.  Read the interview here.  Also, this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, has a great article about Jon Brion.  Go check them both out

Thanks to Brittany and Darren for the heads up!




click to enlarge



December 15, 1999:  Japanese magazines

Fiona is popping up all over the map and especially in Japan!  She's on a whopping 6 current covers - Bounce, Rockin' on, HMV, RPM, and Crossbeat

The February issue of SPIN in the US will be on newsstands January 11! 

Go check them out!  Let us know if she's in any other magazines from around the world.


December 15, 1999:  Time Magazine & Star 98 audio clips

In the highly controversial "Columbine Tapes" issue of Time magazine, they list the Best and Worst of 1999.  Out of the best 10 albums of the year, sitting happy at #6 is Fiona!  

Their comments: "FIONA APPLE When the Pawn... (Clean Slate/Epic). Like shards from a shattered mirror, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter's latest album glitters with reflective surfaces and sharp edges. Apple's songs, richly produced and intimately performed, explore the opposite of romance: betrayal, breakup, failure to commit. Apple has matured into more than a pop prodigy, more than a girl, interrupted. She is now, as an artist, a woman in full."

And the Worst:  MTV's TRL "is killing good pop music."  What a surprise. ;)



Star 98.7 Radio Show: 
Fiona's live performance and interview on Monday, although later in the afternoon than what was posted, was most delightful!  She'd just finished a grueling 15-hour video shoot the day before so we're sure they set the time back to accommodate her.  Buckles has once again provided sound clips of Fiona and the Lounge's DJ in their lively interview.  Check them out below.  Fiona gets asked some very interesting questions.  Manners, manners... Fiona sang "Fast As You Can" and "Limp."  "Please Come Home for Christmas" and "Criminal" were played from earlier performances.

Clip # 1 Real Audio
Clip # 2 Real Audio
Clip # 3 Real Audio
Clip # 4 Real Audio
Clip # 5 Real Audio


December 14, 1999:  Crossbeat magazine

We know we told you about this magazine before, but we finally got our hands on a copy of Japan's Crossbeat magazine.  If we could read it we'd tell you what it said, there is a lengthy article and interview with Fiona. There is also a review of her album and of her performance for MTV's Spanking New Music Live performance in Sony Music Studios.  Incidentally, the people who wrote the review were sitting right behind us.  

We do have the pictures -- they're really beautiful.  In the magazine, each (except the toon) is a full 7" x 10" page. Go check them out, while we figure out the language.


UPDATE 12|13|99:  Review in LA Times

LA Times files this review of Fiona's performance: "Apple never looked bored in her set, which was marked by abandoned, hair-flinging dancing that added to the sultry confessions of her pop-noir. Notorious for getting flustered easily (a radio station concert appearance last week fell apart due to a few technical difficulties), Apple on Saturday seemed determined to get through anything. With her second album, "When the Pawn . . . ," just released, she's maturing into a distinctively winning performer, with this brief appearance a promising foretaste of her own full shows to come."  You can find the entire article Concert Reviews section. 

December 12, 1999:  KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas

Last night Fiona performed at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas in Anaheim, California.  She literally flew in from a video shoot via helicopter because the shoot went so late.  The performance was amazing, filled with energy and passion!  The crowd was great and she thanked them and KROQ for being cool and nice to her. We will update later in the week with pictures and hopefully sound clips.

Set list:  
Fast As You Can
Sleep To Dream
On The Bound

Real Audio:  DJ's comments about Fiona


UPDATE on Twisted 6:  Q101's Twisted 6 added artist interviews and pictures.  You can find them here!

T6 Pictures
T6 Real Audio Interview


click on for pic!
click to enlarge
at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Concert


Limp Video:  Fiona mentions in a pre-concert interview that she is busy shooting the video for "Limp."  (Real Audio clip  Thanks to Buckles for the clips!)  Directing his third Fiona Apple video, Paul Thomas Anderson is at the helm and is tight-lipped on the concept of the video ;). The video shoot is being completed today, Sunday, so stay tuned to this site!  The video is slated for release later this month on MTV.  The single should be released to the radio stations within the next few days.  At this time, a commercial release of the single is not yet expected. 


Star 98.7 radio performance tomorrow!  Don't forget to tune in either on the radio or through the internet to hear Fiona perform at 12:00 pm PST.  She'll be performing around 5 songs


Stills - click here

Real Video - entire performance


December 11, 1999:  Weekend Update!

The Rosie O'Donnell Show:  Fiona's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show aired today and she performed "Fast As You Can."  Rosie had help from former Brat Packer, Ally Sheedy, introducing Fiona to the crowd.  Check out the great video caps and the performance! (click under picture)

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas:  For those of you in Los Angeles, don't forget to run to the Anaheim Pond tomorrow to watch Fiona perform in the Almost Acoustic Christmas.  If you don't have tickets, tune in to 106.7 FM to hear the live simulcast.

2000 Tour Updates: Please stay tuned to this website as we will be posting information on Fiona's upcoming tour.  Tour information including cities, venues, and ticket sale dates will be posted before the end of the year!  Touring will start mid-February till March 17!  Get ready to see Fiona!!!

Magnolia Premiere Update!  Check out the arrivals on the red carpet in Real Video.




December 11, 1999:  Star 98.7 - "Star Lounge"

Monday, DECEMBER 13th @ 12:00 PM
PST noon time, Fiona and her band will perform a set of 5 songs at the Star 98's "Star Lounge" in Burbank, CA.  The "Star Lounge" showcases performances by artists played by Star 98 radio, and it's "the only place in L.A. you can hear live acoustic performances on the radio from a club setting."

Star Lounge Encore @ 8:00 - 8:15 PM PST (play back time for songs performed live at Star Lounge.)



December 9, 1999:  Magnolia Premiere

Last night New Line Cinema had their premiere of Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia.  Strolling down the red carpet were Paul and Fi.  One reporter asked Fiona if she had any acting aspirations, and she replied, "I probably wouldn't do it because everyone in my business is doing it." 

The night was a huge success and the movie is already being critically acclaimed.  The awards for the movie are already pouring in.  The movie opens Friday, December 17 in New York and Los Angeles and January 7, 2000 everywhere else.  Go check it out and look for Fi's artwork!



click to enlarge

Update 12|11|99:  Click here to see the premiere in Real Video with Paul, Fiona, Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore and William H. Macy brought to you by reelpreviews.com!



Dec 8 - Premiere Screening

Dec 10 - IFP screenings

Opens in LA and NY Dec 17, 1999,  nationwide Jan 7, 2000


December 7, 1999:  Magnolia Premiere

As if you didn't know, we're also fans of Paul.  Here's all the details on Magnolia:

Wednesday, December 8th, with arrivals at 5:30 PM and screening at 6:30 PM at the Mann Village Theatre in LA's Westwood!  

Attending:  Paul and Fiona, Tom Cruise, Melinda Dillon, Henry Gibson, April Grace, Philip Baker Hall, Felicity Huffman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ricky Jay, William H. Macy, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Melora Walters, Aimee Mann and writer/
director Paul Thomas Anderson. Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Heather Graham, Jenna Elfman, Madeline Stowe, Selma Blair, Michael Bay, Brett Ratner, Emily Procter, Vondie Curtis Hall, Christine
Lahti ... and more to come.

Magnolia: "There are stories of coincidence and chance and intersections and strange things told. This is a story set in the San Fernando Valley on a day full of rain with no clouds. This is a story about family relationships and bonds that have been broken and need to be mended in one day."

We're psyched to see it! If the story wasn't enough to lure you, Fiona has done more artwork and her paintings are displayed on the walls in Claudia's apartment (one of the movie's characters).  They're said to be "beautiful."  Now you really gotta see it. ;)

Lastly, the Magnolia Soundtrack was released today.  Go buy it!  12 songs:  9 songs by the talented Aimee Mann, 2 songs by Supertramp, and the score by Jon Brion.


UPDATE 12|07|99: Siding with Fiona's fans, check out these reviews (especially the well-known Chicago Tribune) on the atrocious treatment of our beloved and most talented Fiona at T6!  Reviews from SonicNet, Chicago Tribune, and Sun Times.  You were there? You didn't like it?  Write to Q101 and voice your disappointment.

December 5, 1999:  Chicago's Q101's Twisted 6 concert:

In a performance worthy of a purple heart, Fiona braved the elements and performed her ass off at the Twisted 6 concert in Chicago.  She followed Moby, Run-DMC, and Filter and performed 5 songs.  In order: "On The Bound," "Sleep to Dream," "Fast As You Can," "Criminal," and "Limp."  

Since there was no sound check, the mic was set up in a way that Fi had difficulty playing and singing.  And the fact that there was a horrible deafening noise onstage, made it extremely difficult for Fi and her band to perform.   Fiona performed her heart out and we know some of the crowd appreciated her effort.  Look for her next at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas in L.A.!



click to see

picture from Keith!




Fiona being mobbed outside the guest entrance of The Late Show.  Fiona wore this entire outfit on the set.  David Letterman tends to keep his studio freezing cold.  She wore her very cool sweater/coat, a black top, black pants and a tiny beaded purse.  For more behind the scenes photos, check out bassist Keith Lowe's website!  www.moonliner.com

December 3, 1999:  Fiona on the Late Show

On Thursday night, Fiona and her band taped the performance for The Late Show with David Letterman.  The guests were Geena Davis, male synchronized swimmer Bill May, and musical guest Fiona Apple!  When Dave introduced her for the first time, he held up the album backwards.  Fiona, as well as the program director, reminded him that the album was backwards.  See if they leave that in or if they cut it out.  She sang "Fast As You Can" and then joined Dave on the guest couch.  During the break, Dave asked Fiona if she caught the synchronized swimmer Bill May, at which point Fiona giggled and said, "He was so funny, he was swimming alone.  How can it be synchronized?"  The audience roared in laughter and Dave took notice of her humorous side.  He even made mention of this on the sign off.  Don't forget to catch it tonight at 11:30 PM on CBS!  Also don't forget to catch her in a week on the Rosie O'Donnell Show!


December 2, 1999:  SPIN magazine Best Music of 1999

Fiona makes SPIN magazines list for top 20 albums of 1999.  She is solidly placed at #10 behind toppers Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine.  Congratulations Fi!  The year end issue will be on newsstands on December 9 and don't forget that she'll be on the cover of the February issue of SPIN on newsstands January 11.  

Letterman reminder:  Don't forget to watch tomorrow night as Fiona will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman.  The taping will take place at 8:00 pm and if you have tickets to attend, look for us there! :)

Live Webcast reminder:  The Q101 Twisted 6 will be broadcast live on Saturday, don't forget to tune in!  Check details below.




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