04.05.01:  Check out April''s new Poet of the Month, Kris Dick's imaginative & passionate poetry.
03.03.01:  In News: Fiona techno? Rolling Stone's latest news with Fiona helping out Crystal Method upcoming Tweekend

New March Poet of the Month!  Check it out.
02.21.01:  Grammy 2001 and Fiona on E!  All in News.
02.02.01:  Check out February's new Poet of the Month, Jackie Bermudez -- beautiful, sensitive, and personal.
01.03.01:  The GRAMMY Nominations are in and Fiona gets some!  Check News for details.
01.02.01:  Happy New Year!  Who knows what this one will bring.  No resolutions.  :)

After a long break with our Poet of the Month, we bring someone new to start the year.  Deep & reflective.  Check out January's poet, Amber JDA.
12.23.00:  Seasons Greetings To AllA gift -- our Fiona screensaver from When The Pawn tour 2000. Check News.
11.13.00:  The BillBoard Awards were held last Friday.  Fiona did not win.  Read details in News.
10.16-18.00:  Vanity Fair Update.  Also great interview with Jon Brion, producer of When The Pawn... in the Jul/Aug 2000 issue of Performing Songwriter.  All in News.
10.12.00:  Vanity Fair - The Music Issue on sale now!  The first-ever Vanity Fair Music Issue with Fiona, Bjork, Bono, Keith Richards, Macy Gray and more.  All in News
09.20.00:  Billboard Awards Nomination for "Fast As You Can."  All in News
09.13.00:  Happy Birthday to Fi!  A "make your own exclamation point!" Flash card with fan chats and more fan web birthday gifts.
09.10.00:  Fiona's birthday coming up, Switch magazine photos and DVD giveaway updates in News
07.24.00:  UK "Paper Bag" enhanced single out today!  See cover and get the info in News
07.19.00:  "Across The Universe" gets popped up on VH1's new season for Pop-Up Video.  Check news with Real Video! 
07.11.00:  A brand-new 6 Music Videos by PTA, DVD limited edition collection for some.  All in News.  Read it and soon we'll be giving one away!

Also, if you missed MTV's Spankin New with Fiona, see a repeat there on 7.18.00 at 1:00AM EST.

UPDATE for UK enhanced single:  a link to order!
07.03.00:  GREAT news with a limited edition enhanced single for "Paper Bag" in the UK!
06.29.00:  News  with CROSSBEAT's June.2000 issue -- article/interview, new photos, and reviews.  

Also, check out some newly posted photos of the "Treasure book" Fiona got during the first leg of her TOUR.  She sent a "Notes from the Road" #4 thanking you all who contributed.
06.13.00:  Update to News  with "Paper Bag" video stills (65!) for your viewing pleasure.  We know many haven't been able to catch it.  Keep looking.
06.12.00:  "Paper Bag" -- the video -- finally premieres in the USA on VH1!  Check News for details and a link to the full Real Video!
06.09.00:  Check out some introspective poetry with our new Poet(s) of the Month for May and June -- wonderful.  Also  News  with CROSSBEAT (Japan) magazine's June cover .  More to come soon! 
05.31.00:  More fan reviews with photos, plus The NY Times review for the Beacon Theatre show.  All in TOUR Reviews.
05.27.00:  New York City's Beacon Theatre last show for this TOUR.  All in news.
05.15.00:  You wanna go to the Boston show but need tickets?  Enter musictoday.com Giveaway and be there!  All in news. 
05.11.00:  "Paper Bag" debuts on MTV Latin America in news! 
05.09.00:  Fiona to debut "Paper Bag" on TRL in news! 
05.04.00:  No 2nd date?  More updates - in news.
Update with 2nd NYC Beacon show in news! 
05.03.00:  Press release details on NYC Beacon Theater show.  All in news! 
04.25.00:  NY, NY tour date released today.  Check news & TOUR pages!
04.24.00:  Upper Darby, PA tour date announced in news with 2 NYC dates to be announced soon.  All  in news!
04.16.00:  Great new reviews (including a Brazilian fan who flew in just for the concert) for Lake Buena Vista & Pompano, FL added in TOUR Reviews
04.15.00:  New beautiful pictures and reviews for Clearwater, FL, added in TOUR Reviews

Revamped Lyrics section including Fi's 2 new covers "Just One of Those Things" and "Kissing My Love."  Click on java buttons on top of Lyrics page for selections.

04.14.00:  More reviews for New Orleans, Memphis,  and Clearwater FL, added in TOUR Reviews
04.12.00:  After Japan, 3 new dates for the North East!  Check the News! 
04.11.00:  Fiona's second TOUR leg started Sunday, April 9 in New Orleans!  We've added TOUR Reviews for New Orleans with great fan disappointment due to the House of Blues abusive staff!  Also, read on the first review for last night's show in Memphis, TN.

Check out April's new Poet of the Month, Jim Filipowicz.

04.02.00:  New BB added.
03.28.00:  Japan TOUR dates in News
03.24.00:  "Paper Bag" TV performance debuts on Jay Leno!  Check details with Real Video and video caps in News
03.17.00:  New Note #4 for "Notes from the Road"!  This plus "Paper Bag" single and video news all in our News page.  Also, a bit late, but check out our new Poet of the Month for March.  Beautiful and heartfelt.
03.16.00:  From the UK, new  When The Pawn reviews  from TOP, Time Out, and HEAT magazines!  Also, updated Discography for When The Pawn and TidalTOUR Reviews added daily - keep reading 'em!
03.12.00:  Fiona will be on Jay Leno.  Check News.  Keep checking TOUR Reviews for we've added a ton on reviews and pictures for many of the shows!
03.08.00:  Tour date for Charlotte added, TOUR Reviews and pictures continue to roll in.
03.07.00:  Dates & venues added for the Second leg.  Keep checking our TOUR Reviews & photos added daily; Fi's apology makes it to Buzzine, Spin, VH1, & Jam! Music; and more UK reviews and UK MTV transcript for brand-new interview recently shown.  All in News.
03.04.00:  Check out even more "Notes from the Road" with Fi's 8-page apology letter on her NYC performance.
03.01.00:  TOUR news including 3 new dates, reviews and "Notes from the Road" in news.
02.28.00:  Fi to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman in news.
02.27.00:  More reviews and pictures added in TOUR reviews.
02.26.00:  Tour information and updates in news!  Click on  TOUR reviews plus pictures!
02.23.00:  From the UK:  i-D magazine's new interview and promo shot, plus The Sunday Times WTP review in news!
02.20.00:  Saturday Night Live performance by Fi, more on the tour and WTP goes Platinum in news!
02.18.00:  UK "Fast As You Can" CD1 and CD2 singles.  New interview from METRO.  New WTP Dutch Heaven review.  All in news!  Reminder for tomorrow's new SNL with Fi!
02.12.00:  ARENA & ELLE (UK) magazines with interviews and pictures in news!
02.11.00:  Hip-hop group Jurassic 5 to open for Fiona in news!
02.10.00:  Bikini's Feb issue magazine with new pictures and article in news!
02.09.00:  Rehearsal peek with Keith.  Check the photos in news. 
02.07.00:  New SNL performance, plus exciting info about the TOUR lighting and T-shirts in news!  Find out here (and in news) how to be part of the upcoming TOUR plans we've got! 

IMPORTANT:  Read about about our new URL address & domain.
02.04.00:  Check out our new Poet Of The Month! Talented.
02.03.00:  UNCUT magazine's Q&A interview with Fiona, and promo pictures! Also, UNCUT's review for When The Pawn giving it an outstanding 5 out 5 stars in news!
02.01.00:  Q magazine article/interview with Fiona, plus pictures! Q and Hot Tickets reviews on When The Pawn and "Fast As You Can."  Get all the buzz from across the pond in news!
01.31.00:  PTA's Introduction to his Magnolia - The Shooting Script with many words on Fiona in news!
01.30.00:  "Limp" video premiere in MTV's 120 Minutes!  If you didn't catch it, watch here in Real Video plus stills. All in news!
01.29.00:  A private benefit performance for St. Jude's Hospital featuring Rhett Miller, Elliot Smith, Jon Brion, and Fiona in a solo performance in news.
01.29.00:  The UK invasion!  Fiona's When The Pawn and single FAYC to be released with special interviews and appearances in UK TV and mags!  All in news.
01.28.00:  "Limp" video to debut on MTV's "120 Minutes" in the news! 
01.26.00:  Beautiful new pictures from Rollingstone.com for Chicago's Twisted 6 concert under "Live" in 1000 words! 
01.19.00:  MTV gives a sneak preview of the "Limp" video.  Check out the Real Video and stills.  Also, 3 nominations for Fiona in the California Music Awards.  Check out news! 
01.15.00:  "Fast As You Can" to be released in the UK, and another TOUR date added.  Check news and TOUR pages. 
01.14.00:  Fiona & Paul attend a tribute to Billy Wilder in news. 
01.14.00:  Check out the latest info for Fiona's tour with ticket sale dates & seat maps in TOUR & news now!  
01.10.00:  SPIN 2|2000 pictures, check Spin.com for APPLE UNCUT, and helpful Tour links in news!
01.08.00:  TOUR dates!
01.05.00:  As you've been waiting, SPIN 2|2000 article/interview with Fiona on the cover in news!
01.04.00:  Brand new pictures from Jan|2000 Rockin' On and Les Inrockuptibles 12|99 in news!
12.27.99:  When The Pawn in the best album lists for the year, Magnolia, "Limp" video and more in news!
12.19.99:  Awesome photos from SWITCH magazine and When The Pawn goes gold in news!
12.16.99:  Great pics from KROQ's Saturday concert in news!
12.16.99:  EQ's Dec issue with an enlightening interview on the creation of When The Pawn in, plus pics news.
12.15.99:  Fiona featured on the cover of many Japanese magazines in news.
12.15.99:  TIME Magazine's best 10 albums with Fiona and sound clips from Monday's Star 98 "Star Lounge" in news.
12.14.99:  Japan's Crossbeat Magazine pictures added and a picture from KROQ's Almost Acoustic added in news.
12.12.99:  L.A.'s KROQ Christmas show with pre-show interview clip, "Limp" video info, pics and interview from last week's Chicago Q101 T6 show in news!
12.11.99:  Huge update with Real Video and video caps from the Rosie O'Donnell show's performance, KROQ's Acoustic Christmas reminder, Star 98 "Star Lounge" upcoming show, Fiona's TOUR 2000 info, and Real Video from Magnolia's Premiere in news!
12.09.99:  Red carpet sighting at Magnolia's premiere in news.
12.07.99:  Magnolia's Premiere tomorrow with Paul and Fiona in attendance.  All the Magnolia buzz and more Fi artwork in news!

UPDATE: SonicNet, Chicago Tribune, and Sun Times put their reviews of Chicago's Q101 Twisted 6. Check news and Articles/Interviews/Reviews section.
12.06.99:  Album pictures added in 1000 words 
12.05.99:  Fiona's performance at Chicago's Q101 Twisted 6 in news. 
12.03.99:  Fiona on the Late Show with David Letterman added in the newsAnother Fiona Giveaway launched! Enter to win autographed items!
12.02.99:  When The Pawn makes SPIN magazines top 20 of the year, Letterman reminder, and webcast reminder in news
11.24.99:  Japan's SWITCH mag, single "Fast As You Can" and their When The Pawn in news!  Plus, UPDATE with DrDrew's new Q & A with Fiona in the Interviews section.   Winners for the Ultimate Giveaway to be announced at 9:00 PM EST today!!!  Good luck to everyone who entered.
11.23.99:  Fiona's Q &A with DrDrew tomorrow and the LIVE WEBCAST for Chicago's Q101 Twisted 6 show in news!.
11.22.99:  Fiona's busy holiday schedule in the news.
11.20.99:  Fiona and When The Pawn go international in news.
11.19.99:  Fiona on the Tonight Show and tops the Billboard Internet Sales Chart in news.
11.17.99:  When The Pawn hits Billboard charts in news!
11.15.99:  Fiona on the cover of SPIN in news!
11.14.99:  Fiona coming up on Jay Leno and David Letterman in news!  Read all the latest Articles/Interviews/Reviews added daily, including 2 really good ones from MTV and Wall of Sound.
11.13.99:  Check out the Real Video of Fiona's entire interview aired last night by MTV News 1515  in news.  Also interview transcript from MTV! 
11.09.99:  Today is the day!  Go buy When the Pawn!  We added lots of reviews, interviews and articles.  Check out the news.
11.07.99:  Just 2 more days!  When the Pawn release on Tuesday, new reviews, upcoming performance on Jay Leno, MTV interview in news!!!
11.04.99:  VIDEO CLIPS from MTV's Spankin' New Fiona in news!!!
11.02.99:  New album reviews from TIME and SPIN magazines plus reminder for MTV's Spankin' Live Fiona in news.
11.01.99:  Yay!  Finally, a good new article from Newsweek in news.
10.31.99:  Lyrics and sound clip from "A Mistake" in news.
10.30.99:  Yes we were at the "MTV Live" taping!!!  Our sharings and pictures in news.
10.29.99:  Sneak a peek at Fiona's stage in news.
10.27.99:  Win tickets to see Fiona this Friday, album review and new article all in news.
10.22.99:  New pictures of Fiona and the band rehearsing for an MTV one-hour special! "Paper Bag" sound clip and lyrics - all in news.
10.19.99:  When The Pawn review from SonicNet in news.
10.17.99:  Check out our NEW InCamera photo section!  We've been working on it (design & graphics) for a couple of months on and off.  We'll keep adding to the sections, as we work on them.  The java windows are optimized for 800 & 600 resolution as our  site is. We hope you enjoy them!
10.15.99:  "Limp" lyrics and sound clip.  Update information on Fiona's appearance band in news.
10.15.99:  Fiona featured as "Artist of the Week" at Launch.com with free, full-length download of "Fast As You Can" and "Love Ridden" in news.  Mademoiselle's new When The Pawn review.
10.13.99:  When The Pawn album cover in news.
10.12.99:  Fiona coming up on TV!  Who'll be playing with her?  Check news.
10.08.99:  A new song, "Love Ridden" debuts in Fi's official site!  Our clip of it in news.
10.07.99:  Check out October's Poet of the Month, Ron!
10.01.99:  Cover art for FAYC, new bio, new official website in news.
09.29.99:  "Fast As You Can" video to debut in the United States on Friday, and we have a clip in news.
09.27.99:  The track list of When the Pawn, the sound file of "Fast As You Can" and the first look at the video for "Fast As You Can" in news.
09.23.99:  UPDATE:  A personal message from Fiona and upcoming television appearances in news.
09.22.99:  The whole kit 'n' caboodle on When the Pawn in news.
09.22.99:  "Fast As You Can" video in news.
09.21.99:  Fiona touring in news.
09.19.99:  PETA hands out their Millennium awards in news.
09.12.99:  New York Times prints Macy Gray's opinion of Fiona's new album in news.
09.11.99:  "Fast As You Can" the video coming to a television near you in news.
09.09.99:  When The Pawn... hits Billboard, Time, EW, New York, and Time Out NY in news!
09.06.99:  Check out September's new Poet of the Month,  Beth Dileo.
08.26.99:  "Fast As You Can" release date in news.
08.26.99:  UPDATE: Rolling Stone & VH1 on the album in news.
08.24.99:  Album's official release date, title and number of tracks in news.
08.23.99:  Newsweek magazine says November in the news.
08.22.99:  Fiona's album is finished!  P.T. Anderson's new movie!  Check the news.
08.14.99:  Soulful Graces -  a new fan list section for fans in FANATICS.  Connect with others!