When The Pawn 
Fiona Apple
Mssfijunke@aol.com   Oct 30 '99

Ok I have listened to each of the new songs from Fiona's "When the pawn" her second album. Let me tell you this album has bite. Perhaps more bite than her debut album "Tidal." The tracks music has developed more as well as her lyrics. Songs like "On the bound" "A Mistake" "The Way Things Are" "Get gone" and "Fast As You Can" have that entrancing feeling to them you can not help but to want to listen to them over again and again. Other songs "I know" "Love ridden" "To your love" "Paper bag" etc our some of the beautiful ballad-type bluesy songs that leave you breathless. In all I give the album a 5 out of 5. I feel this album has alot going for it and definitely not a let down. Perhaps better than "Tidal." Looks like Fiona is up to her wonderful old tricks again and all the Fiona fans are glad for that.

Here are the songs and their separate ratings:
1. Fast as you can : 8
2. Love ridden: 10
3. Paper bag: 10 (second fave)
4. A Mistake: 10 (3rd fave)
5. The way things are: 10
6. I know: 10
7. On the bound: 10
8. Get gone: 10 (my favorite)
9. Limp: 8
10. To your love: 8
For your knowledge Fiona cusses a bit more than usual. In songs such as "A Mistake" she says "fuck it up." "The way things are" "And I'll keep kicking this crap aside" and in "Get Gone" (which I love) she says this "fucking go cuz I done what I could do for you," and "I bet he don't give a shit about me" and she says "hell" a few times in other songs.
And I know I am buying the album and you better to!!!