When The Pawn 
Fiona Apple
lporter@ionet.net ·  Nov 14 '99

I had waited for this album for so long, (since about the time my second copy of Tidal became scratched on every song from over-listening) and built it up so much. I knew that she would prevail over the threat of the Sophomore Jinx and give us a new disc worthy of my love. It won me over from the first time I read the genius title and sampled the songs and lyrics. Since 8:30am Tuesday, November 9, I have been humming, singing, listening to, or talking about the captivating forty-two minutes and thirty-nine seconds of bliss. 

The way that Fiona manages to sum up so many feelings so well in only 10 songs amazes me. Who doesn’t have a "Love Ridden" or an "I Know" former significant other? But no one but Fiona knows how to tell the story so well, as is the case of "Paper Bag" or "To Your Love." 

" A Mistake" helps justify the little screw- ups we all make, "The Way Things Are" and " Get Gone" have no qualms about telling you just exactly how it is. Even people who never thought they would enjoy a Fiona Apple song can’t help but have a crush on " Fast as You Can," a song that makes her admirers beam with pride. " On the Bound" is a great opener, " Limp" is the best release of anger I have ever encountered. The analogies and ideas Fiona presents and the talent found on this disc shows the maturity she has gained in the past year. Tidal will never lose it’s place in my heart, but When the Pawn… has made a home where it definitely plans on staying for a long time. 

-Lyndi Belle Porter