When The Pawn 
Fiona Apple
GailK1981@aol.com   Dec 11 '99

Unlike other artists of her time that entered the music industry in a
wisp of air, Fiona Apple literally erupted onto the music scene at the tender age of 18.  Make no mistake, age ain't nothin' but a number.  The release of TIDAL" back in 1996 proved that, with unparalleled lyrics and piano playing hat went to extremes, with crashing chords in "Shadowboxer" to flowing reveries as in "Never is a Promise" and "Pale September."  And now she's back and better than ever...

"When The Pawn" is a collection of 10 timeless songs, still speaking of love and loss, sorrow and success, and the ever-present angst of a young woman still seeking her inner child's wish of being understood.  Unlike "TIDAL," "When The Pawn" evokes a more bold, confident Fiona.  This is obvious to anyone who has seen her latest television performances, with Fiona dancing furiously during the musical interlude of "Fast As You Can," the first single off the new album. 

"When The Pawn" can be compared to a live wire; exposed, raw, and revealing.  However, Fiona has adopted a new policy of discretion, apparently learning her lesson from the backlash she received in the wake of the success of "TIDAL."  The hidden meanings and intentions of her new songs are merely for Fiona to know and for her listeners to only begin to guess.

She's still the same Fiona, playful and fierce, wandering and grounded at the same time, a never-ending paradox.  With an all-new approach to writing and piano playing, Fiona's true fans are not to be disappointed with "When The Pawn."  For all others that have doubted her in the past and continue on with their half-assed opinions, I urge you to read between the lines of the title.  I am almost positive that you will find your names in there.

by Gail Saradin