Fiona Apple (Live)
MTV Spankin' New Music Week
NYC @ Sonic Music Studios
Oct 29  '99
by David & Nanikita

Wow!  That's the first thing that comes to mind.  Fiona was awesome!  We were so lucky to see her perform for MTV Live and it was amazing!  If you haven't heard her new album  When The Pawn . . ., you'll get a chance to hear 8 of the 10 songs this Wednesday on MTV.  We have to give a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Fiona for making all of this possible for us!  

MTV packed the midtown Sony Studio with a few hundred lucky Fiona fans.  This is the same studio where Sessions at West 54th Street is taped.  Fiona had her final sound check at 6:00.  The crowd filtered in at around 7:30.  We were so excited for Fiona and she was a little nervous, due to the fact that she hasn't performed like this in awhile.  The crowd was given their final instructions, and the moment we all waited for arrived!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Miss Fiona Apple!"  The crowed roared, applauded and cheered as Fiona and her band waltzed onto the stage.  Fiona had a nervous smile on her face as she acknowledged her fans.  She was wearing her favorite pair of boots, a floor length pewter-gray skirt, a black top and a 3/4 length brown sweater/jacket.  She got right into the performance with "On the Bound."  She was absolutely wonderful! 

Not seeing her perform these songs ever before, we had goose bumps!  "On the Bound" is such a great song to start off with and she sang it with a passion only she could muster up.  The crowd took in every song and was definitely entranced with her talent and display of love for music.  We can't wait to see it again on Wednesday, please don't miss it.

Here is the rest of the set-list:

1. On The Bound 7. Criminal
2. To Your Love 8. Fast As You Can
3. Limp 9. Get Gone
4. Sleep To Dream 10. I Know
5. The Way Things Are 11. On The Bound (redo)
6. Paper Bag 12. Fast As You Can (redo)

Since this was a taping, they had to "change reels" in the middle of the show.  During this break, Fiona talked to one of her fans in the front and they asked her what she's going to dress up as for Halloween.  She shrugged, and one of them suggested Wonder Woman, to which she replied, "I don't think I have the boobs for that."  Fiona was talking to the fans as much as possible, and she said several times that it felt weird because she hadn't performed for a long time and she had no banter for the crowd (which was excellent banter for us) and that she wasn't a comedienne.  We thought she was perfect!  The director also wanted Fiona to re-perform two songs, her entrance with "On the Bound" and "Fast As You Can."  We had no complaints.  By this time Fi had removed her sweater so she had to go find it and put it back on.  

Everything was perfect, Fiona recognized a few friendly faces in the crowd and waved at them.  People had come from all over the world including Europe and a contingency from Sony Japan. We must give kudos to the band (Keith, Matt, Joe, Lucky, and Jebin) who are incredibly talented and nice!  They're all great guys.

After the show, we went up to the area where the artists were hanging out and the Japanese visitors gave Fiona a gift of an apple that  was stenciled as a baby apple and grew with her name on it.  They also gave her the video of the exciting apple growing event.  We talked, we laughed, we cried.  All in all, it was a night we will never forget!  Oh yeah, did I mention?  we took pictures.