Fiona Apple - When The Pawn
TOP Magazine (UK)   
March  2000

by Dee Pilgrim

Four years ago Fiona Apple's record company hyped her 'Tidal' debut to the hilt and were rewarded with sales of three million. The hype is less for her follow-up, 'When The Pawn' (three stars out of five), which is a shame because it's a much better album - harder edged, darker, seemingly more complete. There's a sense of bitterness running through the songs (I love it when she sings "It's tough enough even trying to be civil to myself" on 'On The Bound') with Apple sounding like she means it as she contemplates unrequited love and broken love affairs. Give her another three years and she will hopefully have added more variety to her style.

("more variety"???!!!! What do these people want?! Blood?! - Sally)

thank you to sallytbyml for typing it!