Fiona Apple 
When The Pawn · 
Nov 24 '99

by Oene Kummer
(translation thank yous to Jessica)

The real title of Fiona Apple's second album is actually a 90 word poem, but the record company only put these three words on the back of the
album to make it easier for us journalists. Though "easy" is not exactly the middle name of this American artist with the penetrating voice. This woman, who seems to have so many personal issues that even Courtney Love has expressed her concern about her mental health, [our note: an out of context and inaccurate statement by this writer] made her debut with the album Tidal that wasn't noticed here though it went platinum three times in America.

When The Pawn was produced by Jon Brion and sounds like a cross between his previous protégé Aimee Mann and Tori Amos. Apple composes her confrontational songs at the piano, Brion perfections them in an inventive and sometimes breathtaking manner and the impressive result is mesmerizing. This is not background music, like Apple is not the sentimental type, her delivery is too passionate for that. Even though she sometimes sings a gentle ballad, When The Pawn is mostly a CD that should be played loudly.