Fiona Apple
MusicStrip    '97

by Chris French

Nineteen-year old Fiona Apple seems to be just what the world is looking for in a female artist.  Fiona although having such a small stature, performs with the heart of a lion in hit single Shadowboxer.  Her abilities to sing with such strength and play with unlimited enthusiasm, keeps fans intent in their seats.  Still getting in tune with the theatrics of onstage performance, Fiona is still learning the dos and don'ts of the entertainment business.  After the release of her album Tidal, Fiona sheds light on topics such as abuse, love, fear, and sin.  Her dark perspectives on life may have resulted from the separation of her parents when she was young and her being raped when she was twelve.  With songs such as Criminal and Slow Like Honey, one could be hypnotized by her nonclassical pianist style and her soothing tell all voice.  Despite hardships of early childhood, Fiona Apple reveals to us her dedication to her love of music and explains all of the most intimate secrets of the soul. fin