Fiona Apple
Nov  '99

Not-So-Sullen Girl

No, Fiona Apple hasn't turned into a cheerleader.  But her successes, both professional (a multiplatinum-selling debut) and personal (she's living with her boyfriend, director Paul Thomas Anderson), translate into a sound that's more strong than sad.  Musically, she's in touch with her playful side: One tune has a scary-movie organ, others are downright up-tempo. And the voice - well, it was stunning before, and now it's gotten a power surge. Even her lyrics are on a mood elevator: She has anger but it is hopeful, not hopeless, and has adopted a wry attitude: "I had fun fumbling around.../And if you wanna make sense/Whatcha looking at me for," from "A Mistake." This Apple may still have bite, but she's less sour.

4 CD's out of 4: "Will Stick to Your Stereo"

thanks to Katherine