One Good Apple
FIONA APPLE/Morcheeba @ The Odeon
Cleveland, OH
MTV    Apr 4  '97
by Kevin Lockett

FIONA APPLE and MORCHEEBA's lead singer Sky Edwards are true divas, plus they have some of the most luscious lips in the music biz.  Both were in Cleveland recently to play a sold out concert at The Odeon.

The exuberant crowd was totally in awe of both artists.  In their brief half hour set, MORCHEEBA came off as the next big thing in music.  Their combination of jazz rhythms with hip-hop and soul overtones won over the crowd, who swayed and grooved to their tracks "Who Can You Trust," "Howling," "Trigger Happy" and "Tape Loop."

The combination of a live band with a DJ was terrific, but the main draw was Edwards, whose passionate English voice made her an attractive musical sight to see and hear.   Not since SADE has there been a singer with more raw sex appeal and captivating on-stage presence.  By the time FIONA APPLE popped on stage, the already sold out crowd seemed even larger and hungrier to see Her Appleness.

The extremely slender and attractive singer (she should be a Calvin Klein model) dazzled the crowd with her bluesy-soul singing style.  Although she showcased her fine piano playing on tracks "Sullen Girl," "The Child is Gone," "Never is a Promise" and "Shadowboxer" (which she called an "ode to an a**hole"), it is when she took center stage where she proved her diva status.   "Sleep To Dream," "Criminal" and "Slow Like Honey" showed that at a tender age of 19 years old, FIONA APPLE can wail, dance and mesmerize audiences better than some of her peers.

Although she giggled a little bit too much as some audience members said they loved her, it didn't take away the fact that FIONA APPLE's Tidal was one of the finest albums released last year, and FIONA APPLE the performer is one of the best artists on stage this year. fin