A P R I L . 2001

Name or Alias:   Kristin or Kris
E-Mail:   dick.58@osu.edu or dickkristin@hotmail.com
Why do you write poetry?   I write poetry to deal with emotional problems, typically dealing with anger or sadness.  It's a way to express myself in words that I, in a normal situation, would not be able to use.  It comforts me and allows me to analyze events and feelings in a more personal way because not a lot of people know what you're actually talking about in your poems, so it gives you comfort knowing that only you can decode it.

Why is poetry important to you?   It's important to me for purposes dealing with a release of very intense emotions.  It also helps me feel more able to think freely without having someone put a hindrance on my thinking.

As a Fiona Apple  fan, can you make a statement that connects you to Fiona and poetry?   Fiona has always been a driving force in why I write.  I was always interested in poetry and wrote a little before Fiona ever came out.  But, when she did and I heard her lyrics, which are pure poetry, it inspired me to reach deep down and write more often.  Being as young as I am, I was always scared to be such a thinking person and was scared to convey that in any small way.  When Fiona came out and was a young, thinking, deep, and emotional person who wasn't afraid to use words as her power (instead of sexuality or looks) it provoked me to not be afraid of the same words I held in me.  It made me step out and be confident in my poetry and thoughts.

Blinded Eyes

Those so-called winners
Berated me and paraded me
through the streets of shame
And held me up in trophy cases
to show me as a sneering pride
Ravenous and greedy they all
claim not to be
But I know better
'cuz I've been their prey
The soul-less majority
consume the tiny minority
with the sole purpose to weaken
a safety-net comeback
wipe the grin off of their cake faces
Insensitive and power hungry
we all know that they are
Denying their own damn weaknesses
lay us in a pool of insuperiority
It's a catch 22 any way you see it
I can point the finger and lay the blame
But I know that I'm better
Still I lower my head-I'm supposed to
While they snicker at me
with my hard fought independence
and my steel mind
yet undaunting I walk past them
and raise my head
to look each and everyone
in their blinded eyes

An Agnostic

I see you've evinced everything we are
to fucking feckless incidents
And so I see you give clear credence
to my hopeless inadequacies
Nothing can exhume the remains of love
and no one can tell me who we are now
For awhile I'll put off the realization
of us being through because of you
So I see you can't stop derogatory comments
about poor, weakling me
And I see you have a myopic brain
to others around you
Nothing can coerce me to trust you
and no one can give me advice I need
So now, I'll ignore pain held inside
I see we've fallen out
to perfect strangers
And so I see we were not anything
to easily be exchanged
Eventually, I'll quit wanting you
and ignore your overt comments
And I'll quit loving you so
'Cuz we were just a sacrilege
And I am just an agnostic

Nightwisher's Dreams

Unfurrow your brow for me tonight
And since the night comes with solitude
Reflectively glance past unwatchful thoughts
And I being made of moondust and heather
will places stars in your eyes
Make a crown of wreathed daffodils
And kiss the lonely North Star
to settle the unsettled waves
I will blow with the breeze
on the Nightwisher's Dreams
of living for a single love

The Keeper Of The Stars

The keeper of the stars sent me you
And angels wept for both our broken hearts
Because we struggled o'er treacherous mountains
Before with crimsoned lips we kissed Happiness
Quietly we suffered alone in an unknown Hell
And we desperately clawed for solid ground
We looked for different skin to exist peacefully in
Just as we faltered all the more and lost our Hope
God lovingly whispered to the weeping angels
That we need not suffer any more undue pain
In swooping arcs the angels descended upon us
And held us distantly from our quiet sufferings
In cascades of beautiful white-feathered wings
We were wrapped from going any further in despair
God knowingly sought out me to you and you to me
He foretold the angels the extent our love would be
The white-feathered wings vanished from 'round me
As inadvertence wore off, your arms took their place
Yet when the angels left my side, I still felt safe
And surely I had to still be wrapped within their wings
But now I deeply feel you are Heaven on Earth
And a disguised angel with arms instead of wings


She whisks by in all her white gloried haze
And in her hair lay two wine red roses
She holds a dozen heartaches in her hands
And preaches of how love is so wrong and untrue
While she hides the absence of a soul inside
She substitutes something more casual and carefree
But she forgot to spare those who tried to show more
She colored her misery with a bright overlay
And hid out in the hated recesses of the mind
She strung lovers together and wore them as pearls
And cracked loving emotions like broken ocean shells
While she becomes a miscreant of ignorance
She scatters losses like blowing dandelion seeds
But she knew cold hearts plant destruction
The phoenix rises from the ashes to fly
And he lights a wilting sun-spoken hug
He breathes in his lungs the wretched she
And carries her torpid heart on his chest
While he radiates everything that's great
He fails to see euphemisms in her speech
But he continues to ride in the island universe
He sings hymns of falling lighted-stars
And wastes away in a brazen oblivion
He uses a bravado to wish away the end
And he smiles through flooded eyes
While he struggles to pull the shades down
He fails to acknowledge the hope-filled light
And his cries fall only upon deaf ears but one