M A Y. 2000

Name or Alias:   Camila Prado
E-Mail:   pianos9@hotmail.com
Why do you write poetry?   I write poetry to survive, to have a voice. When i`m not behind my piano i`m writing that's how i know i`m alive.

Why is poetry important to you?    Poetry is important because is one of my forms of expression, everybody believes that there's a little light of wisdom inside of themselves that the world should know about so its up to us to find a way to get that little light across somehow, and poetry is a way for me.

As a Fiona Apple  fan, can you make a statement that connects you to Fiona and poetry?   I felt a connection with Fiona`s work the minute i got Tidal and it continued with everything that she did, i love it when poets make you feel like they are talking about you, like they know your life and what you`re going through, its magical and its honest and that's amazing.

girl and piano

So what is it with you
girl and piano
helping mutually each other to be
asking is it here
and can i stay if it is
i know you`ll show me
you`ll deny my wish
but they still stare at me

I`ve heard it before
you gotta get up
can`t hide behind that paper
can`t hide behind that stool
get out of your world
join us in here
nobody cares about anything
its fun to watch from near

When time and tears are spent
and this much work is done
you can`t just walk away
and i won`t wait for the opportunity to come
so don`t tell me to flee
cuz my feet are stuck in this holy ground
and you can`t make time stop for me

So what is it with you
girl and piano
we can`t tell which
make which breathe
asking will i ever know why
i fight happiness
with this cheap silver knife


You are rain
i`m the leafs you`re raining on
you`re the second wind blowing
i`m the first already gone
you live your life with notes
i live mine with words
that to you are way too blurry
and to me you`re on too early

You represent everything i`ve ever wanted
i`m the things you thought you needed 
but you were wrong
you`re my dreams of tomorrow
i`m the hopes from what you moved on
you are my fear of love
i`m yours of forever staying just one
and now i`m sure i waited too long
to take my mask off
when you didn`t at all
still i know you know
i don`t wanna destroy you
so what are you doing here
i`ve already said you`re free to leave dear
but don`t hesitate to run
cuz as soon as you do
i`ll be the helpless one
running behind trying to catch you

You`re light
i`m the darkness you`re living in
you`re right
`m your fine line between redemption and sin
you break your promises with tears
i break mine with fears
that to you are way too blurry
and to me you`re on too early

worried mind won't let go of its problems

This worried mind
is keeping me from living my life
so i cry
and i can`t sleep at night
but it doesn`t stop
it goes on and on
so i had better leave
but who will watch my family when i`m gone
maybe i should make a lot of money
but who will handle all the brambles that this money will bring along
i`m gonna let some love come
but who will tell my heart that worried mind
is beggin` me to say no
so i`m gonna tell him that i`m sorry
but who will help me to get by
when i see him waving goodbye
if you get a chance to talk to him
would you say none of this means
that i don`t own his feelings
i just couldn`t act upon them and
i`m mostly trying to keep breathing

Worried mind when will you turn
and why won`t you become
something i can live with for this time
and not just spend my life on a not committed crime

walking under the sea

I always look outside my window
when it rains
as if the waters from above would wash away and heal
building a river
where i`d float towards the answer
i`ve been waiting for
my entire existence
always waiting for rain
and of getting wet
never afraid
when for a moment i step out of me
it feels like walking under the sea


Not ready yet
i cant remember how many times
i`ve boiled that thought in my mind
i know this is a hard thing to say
but honey, can i push you away?
don`t know how to explain
or even who to blame
i have that little girl inside for a pet
and she tells me i`m just not ready yet

I don`t even have to ask do I
i always stop myself before getting close to that line
i`ve had daydreams in which i was saved from me
but i can`t quite figure it out
if this is something i really need
this sea just got waveless, blueless and helpless
and i`m afraid nothing will ever be strong, 
safe and good enough
to the point where i can at least get rid of this shield
i have loneliness inside for a pet
and it insists i`m just not ready yet

My hand still writes,
my fingers still play
and i still push everybody away
i believed i knew how long this was supposed to stay,
i remember the night i prayed
"Please don`t let me be fooled by any faked smile
nor any friendly face,
i just want to be able to feel when he comes
i`m sure i`ll know he`s the one to whom
i can give my trust"
then i`ll give up my pride
and no more will i hide
but i have craziness inside for a pet
telling me i`m just not ready yet