A U G U S T . 1999

Name or Alias:   Amber O'Hearn
E-Mail:   graces98@yahoo.com 
Why do you write poetry?   ?  Writing is what keeps me going. I have to have a way to express myself, and writing is what I naturally turn to when I need a release.

Why is poetry important to you?   I have a hard time expressing my feelings to people so I used to bottle up my emotions which was extremely painful. Poetry is a calm, peaceful, beautiful way to let everything out in the open. It might sound silly, but the paper I write my poetry on is like a best friend, someone that listens and understand. When you have someone to listen to you and understand you, you feel so much better.

As a Fiona Apple  fan, can you make a statement that connects you to Fiona and poetry?  I will always be grateful to Fiona, because it was after listening to Tidal that I started writing again. For awhile I was afraid to even express myself on paper, but she made me realize that I don't have to be afraid of what is inside me. With her honesty and her bravery, she changed my life and I thank her for that.


Dusty fog 
like memories 
being played on a dirty projection screen 
Life is often more than it seems 
You try to pleasure 
and you try to please 
but people just abuse you 
and you fall to your knees 
while your there 
you beg for things to make you whole 
you beg for things you've lost 
like the heart another stole 
Fairy tales start 
with once upon a time 
Love is often blind 
You wish for real love 
innocent and pure 
but your soul is aching 
and you can't find the cure 
You search for the one 
that will give you their heart 
and love you so sincerely 
you never want to part 
when at last you find that love 
your hollowed heart is full 
and at that moment you realize 
love was the cure for your soul. 

child within

As I watch the wind 
blow leaves across the ground 
I close my eyes 
to hear the sound 
and through the sound 
of the rustling leaves 
I hear a sound 
familiar to me 
a faint and desperate 
cry for help 
from the child within 
of this to soon adult 
forced to be hidden 
from the cruel world's eyes 
and grow up to fast 
long before it's time 
but deep beneath the surface 
a part of it still lays 
remembering the freedom 
of it's earlier days 
and every so often 
when the wind rustles the leaves 
and I hear the chirping 
of the birds in the trees 
when the moon comes up 
and it starts to get dim 
I think about you 
my child within

who i am

Why do you try to fix me 
and why do you ask questions 
I can't answer, or want to 
Why do your eyes wander over me 
and why do you try to conquer everything 
through my eyes is a person unfamiliar 
my face is branded on your mind 
my heart of stone, covered by a smiling mouth 
my inner self hard to find 
but still you try 
You don't know me 
and you never will 
since you presume to tell me who I am 
I'm a child 
You know it's true 
just because I've been through 
more than you 
emotional inconvenience 
physical strain 
bottled fear 
energy drain 
It doesn't have a name 
Isn't that strange? 
I'm a dreamer 
with impossible dreams 
so many rejections 
and put-downs it seems 
and life kept interfering 
when all I wanted was to live 
and you kept interfering 
when all I wanted was to give 
You don't know me 
and you never will 
since you presume to tell me who I am 


Tell me a secret 
a song in the dark 
slips into my mind 
travel the distance 
spare the time 
brightest days and darkest nights 
Cassie-Did you make it to the ocean? 
Cassie-Did you like the sea? 
Cassie-Did you fall to fast? 
Cassie-Come back out and play 
The day that you left 
is fresh in my mind 
unforgettable, like violet eyes 
hearts were broken 
minds told lies 
times were ruined 
people cried 
I'll never forget that day 
funny that you left while trying to stay 
Cassie-Did you make it you the ocean? 
Cassie-Did you like the sea? 
Cassie-Did you fall to fast? 
Cassie-Come back out and play 
Icy cold and 
black as black 
rippling waves 
never come back 
True True 
slipped away just like you 
Sad Sad 
I'll always miss what we had 
Fast Fast 
My love will last 
Why Why 
Goodbye Goodbye

Song of the sirens

Close your eyes 
and take my hand. 
I'll lead you to 
another land. 
To the world we share 
with hope and love. 
To wonders seen 
from up above. 
It's more beautiful than 
your loveliest dream. 
Where the light of knowledge 
and truth does beam. 
Where joyful voices 
sing with grace. 
It's more wonderful than 
the most wonderful place. 
Where the sunlight sinks 
in the burrows of your keep. 
Where it never rains. 
Where the sky doesn't weep. 
Where the scent of springtime 
fills the air. 
Flowers bloom 
year round there. 
Where you have no worries. 
Where you're free to fly, 
over this land 
where your future does lie. 
So spread your inner wings 
you never knew you possessed, 
and follow us 
to the land of the blest. 
Don't go through life 
unloved and alone. 
Close your eyes 
and we'll lead you home.

Best friend

What a petty game they play 
once their friend 
and now their prey 
sooner or later there comes that day 
inevitable by 
any way 
and there's only so much you can take 
when your fragile 
heart's at stake 
but, honey they don't care 
and honey they'll always stare 
so honey don't you dare 
let them see you cry. 

a letter to a father

I have a poster in my wall 
telling me to reach for the sky 
But, the sky's already fallen on me 
yet it still seems so far away 
Doesn't seem like you can achieve anything 
when the one who's supposed to help you with your flight - is nowhere is sight 
says he loves you 
he'll always keep you safe 
that is, only if you smile 
and act like a saint 
Ignorant people don't realize 
that certain things can bruise a person's soul 
Can open their eyes to a world of hate 
and petty games of control 
Can show them that if you reach for the sky 
you'll only fall to the ground 
You know what? 
I think tomorrow, I'll take that poster down..... 


I've been told once or twice 
I had an uncle I'll never know 
a real uncle, not by marriage, but by blood. 
I've seen pictures of him only slightly older than myself 
and it's scary to know that I know what he never could have guessed. 
Life to me is a funny thing, 'cuz it comes and goes so quick 
and some people spend their whole lives trying to live forever, 
but, some take their own before their old enough to vote. 
And it makes me sad everytime I think about my uncle I'll never know, 
and I suppose some would say it's a stupid thing he did 
but, I say some people don't have the strength to go on 
and they have to let go, give up, and give in.