NOTE #2:

Feb. 29, 2000

I'm at my hotel with Paul & Jon Brion, & Mary-Lynn Rajskub, and Mark Flanagan (All my friends, who will all be with me tonight) and I'm about to go to soundcheck.  I suppose I am a bit nervous, just cuz it's N.Y. and all, but it's a subdued nervous, and I'm just going to have a good time for myself -- then everything will go good. 

Obviously, I haven't caught my stride with these entries, but the shows have been pretty great -- last night in Wilkes-Barre, the audience was from Fucking HEAVEN.

Well, for lack of anything great to say, I'll just say here I go, I'm a very un-subdued excited, and I'll write again after the show (well, probably tomorrow)

P.S. - I'm doing the Letterman show tomorrow also, so maybe I'll have something interesting to say then.




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