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From February 24 through May 26, 2000 Fiona completed 40 tour dates across the US and Japan.
For now, the TOUR is finished.

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Thanks to All who made this section rich and interesting with your fun reviews, experiences meeting Fiona and other fans, some complaints, and plenty of photos!  

"TREASURE" book:  Oftentimes our email box has been filled with requests to say something to Fiona.  We provided an opportunity weeks before and after Fiona's TOUR began for a book -- a "treasure" for capturing meaningful, special thoughts from many.  Whether via email or your own hand, a collection of words, pictures, art, and poetry filled this beautiful large book.  It took a life of its own and was truly inspiring.  No -- not adoration -- but a gift.  A gift to Fiona and a gift of the human spirit.  Fiona's music has been soothing and helpful like a much-needed friend for many during hard times.  Good to let her know (at least once).  After the DC show, we went backstage to see Fi and gave her this "treasure book."  She loved it and was deeply touched.  She was gonna read all the stuff the very next day on her day off.  

Update:  Read "Notes from the Road" #4 for Fi's own thank you for this book.

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