Fiona Apple Still Battling Backlash
Oct 27 '99

by Darren Davis

When Fiona Apple released her debut album, Tidal, a few years back, there were some who criticized her. The reasons still evade Apple, but she takes pride in the fact that it never stemmed from her music. In an interview with LAUNCH, she admits that her lack of maturity may have hurt her.

"I've embarrassed myself a lot, or not embarrassed myself a lot...or been embarrassed by things that have come out on me," she told LAUNCH. "I've also experienced a lot of f---ing backlash that I don't really understand. I feel like a lot of people just didn't like me...for no real reason. Not [that] they didn't like my music. They just didn't like me and my attitude, and the attitude I was projecting was this attitude that came from somebody who doesn't know what the f--k she's doing in the public eye."

"I got picked on a lot," she added. "So it was a weird experience. ...It took a toll on me for a while and just kind of fed itself, because I got really upset with the way things were going. And that would show in the public, because I'm not really good at putting on the game face."

Apple will release her new album When The Pawn Hits... on Nov. 9. The first single and video, "Fast As You Can," is already enjoying radio and video airplay.