Fiona Addresses Roseland Show on Web -
March 06, 2000
By Marc Spitz 

Fiona Apple has written a letter to fans in which she apologizes, and explains her abortive Roseland Ballroom show, last Tuesday, February 29 (in which the emotional singer/songwriter left the stage mid-way through her set, after complaining about the sound monitors). The letter, posted at the Apple fan site says, in part:

"I write this particular entry as the most humiliated form of myself. Last night I really fucked up. It was the New York show, my hometown, all my friends and family, and I couldn't even finish the show. I just couldn't hear myself at all on that stage, and I lost it. I just don't know how to put myself into something that is so obviously wrong. I couldn't continue with a show that was shaping up to be one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life. I couldn't. I am so fucking sorry that I don't have whatever it takes to be "professional" in a situation like that. I feel like I let everyone down, and made a fool of myself in front of everyone I respect. But I don't know what else I could've done. No doubt I'll get ridiculed in the reviews, and some people in that audience are probably very disappointed in me, and I'm so sorry."

Apple goes on to say that she promises to make it up to her NYC-area fans, although she "won't play at Roseland," adding, "...actually, the only other time I ever cut a song from the set was also at Roseland, and for the same reason. I only cut 'Never is a Promise,' and I felt bad then, but nothing compared to this. I'll make it up to everyone, I promise. I wish this didn't happen, but at least now my worst stage-nightmare has already come true, so it's over with - you gotta figure something like that is bound to happen at some point to everyone, right?" Er... right. For the full text of Apple's letter, go to At press time, Apple has yet to reschedule her NYC date, but we'll keep you posted.