One More Thing... An unnecessary apology -
March 05, 2000
By Aaron 'Stipko' Stipkovich 

"...she played for less than an hour. She told the audience she needed a 5 minute break but 25 minutes later an announcement was made that the show was over but she'd be back in New York for another "kick ass" show." ( Original news story ) 

Day's later, Fiona is compelled to apologize.

It is bizarre to me that an artist who has proven to be an extreme talent, as well as a successful performer, is prompted to apologize for stopping her performance because the conditions she was working under prevented her from working.

Entire countries are thrust into civil unrest over labor disputes. Fiona Apple is a singer. It is her job to sing well. Any singer will tell you, if you can't hear yourself, it is next to impossible to 'sing on key'. Therefore, the incompetence of a sound crew, truly can make a vocalist sound bad. Simple enough?

To my media colleagues and industry shmoes: Those of you who intend to take a hyena-like shot at Ms. Apple for her actions, whether you like her or not, should be ashamed of yourselves. If you have children, you should apologize to them. If you don't, go to confession, or seek career guidance. Retire your pen. Pick up a shovel.

If you are given a story to write, and your courier takes your story, but on the way to the printer, he replaces every letter "e" with "m", then he draw's mustache's on your photo's, would you be a bit distraught? How 'bout if that same reworded story was being sent out to your loyal audience, while you stood in front of them, and they didn't know it was rewritten by a cretin? Would you be upset? You all have seizures when your editors so-much-as- cross your T's. This is the same thing, only the sound crew usually isn't your literary superior.

Open your eye's. Most of us are frustrated musicians. Let's admit it. I do. Nevertheless, that's no reason to take easy shots at those musicians who are lucky enough to have succeeded.

Pot Shot's at me, however, are welcome. Click here for target practice. I assure you, I am a much more promising target.


Aaron 'Stipko' Stipkovich
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