Fiona Talks 'No Turkey'
NY Daily News    Nov 18  '97
by Rush and Molloy

Fiona Apple wants to take the turkey out of Thanksgiving. The traditional fare, she says, constitutes turkey abuse.

The bony 20-year-old rocker has just hooked up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to record a protest phone-line against the Butterball turkey company (1-888-VEG-FOOD). Why is Butterball singled out? Because the company dares to give turkey recipes on its own line.

"Please join me," Apple intones, "in calling Butterball, to tell them there is no proper way to kill and cook these beautiful birds. Millions of people are learning that a vegetarian diet is the healthy choice for themselves, the earth, and animals. And incidentally, they taste a lot better." Apple then talks vegetarian recipes.

Good luck, Fiona. And pass the tryptophan.  fin